Doorbell pro and existing chime

I know you can wire in the doorbell pro to the existing doorbell hardwiring but will it actually USE the existing doorbell? Or is the wiring solely there to power the Doorbell Pro?

It will not, you must bypass your existing chime when you set it up.


Without the ability to use the existing chimes that come with the house, the Wyze Doorbell Pro immediately goes from being the best solution on the market to one of the worst. In my case, I have a three-story house with two doorbells. If I can’t use the existing chimes built into the house, I have to buy three Wyze speakers/plug-in-chimes. That would be fine enough if the second doorbell would ring the same set of three chimes, but it can’t. This means I would need a second set of three Wyze chimes dedicated for the second doorbell, for a total of six chimes. Ridiculous(!), don’t you think?

@WyzeTeam please fix this, so you can easily become the best product on the market. This shouldn’t be very hard. You just need to complete the circuit for the built-in chime to ring. So long as the house has enough power on the doorbell circuit, it’s no issue. And if they don’t have enough power, you can provide instructions on how they can upgrade the transformer to support your system’s needs.

I was going to buy this product but am not solely for that reason. The wiring’s already there, why not allow for the existing chime to work with it?

Another bit of insanity I just discovered: If you bought the Doorbell Pro, you cannot add any additional Wyze plug-in chimes beyond the one that came with the doorbell. So if you have a larger house or multiple stories, it’s pretty much entirely a useless system because it can’t work with your pre-existing home’s chime/s, and your Wyze Doorbell Pro doesn’t allow you to purchase/add any plug-in chimes beyond the one little one that it came with. It’s such a senless customer experience. What were they thinking?

@WyzeTeam (PLEASE) either make these deficiencies clearer so people don’t buy and return your stuff, or fix these issues to come up to par with what is expected of this product.

Please hit the green “VOTE” button on these 3 wishlist requests so Wyze knows you want this.

This one is for using existing chime. Its in the “researching” phase!

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