Use 1 Chime for multiple doorbell cams

I have 3 exterior doors but only need 1 chime centrally located in the house. It would be convenient to be able to connect all 3 doorbell cams to 1 chime.

I want to buy 3 wyze doorbell pros but I want them to use the same chime unit. I’d buy them with a chime in each box, but it needs that functionality. Regards!


As a workaround, if you happen to own Amazon Echo devices, you can create Alexa routines that make different announcements when different Wyze Doorbells are pressed.

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Thx for the idea.

Similarly, I have an existing Wyze wired doorbell and two chimes (one on the third floor, one on the first). Why aren’t they compatible? What’s preventing the pro from triggering my other chimes?


2 doorbell pros should be able to sync to 1 chime. It’s ridiculous that I have 2 chimes 5 feet apart taking up 2 spots in 2 separate receptacles.


I have 2 Wyze Video Doorbells, I’d like them both to work with 1 Wyze Chime.

Even better, if the 2 doorbells can connect to both Chimes, one at each end of the house or floors.

Each doorbell can select its own Chine sound so that we identify which doorbell was ring.

Welcome to the forums! Quick question, is it the original video doorbell or the video doorbell pro that you have?

Here is some reading material from the Wyze Support pages for the original video doorbell chime.

Another thought is to use Alexa devices to sound in multiple locations useing the Alexa routines.

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I have the original video doorbell. I also found this article talking about a future release to set up a rule to trigger multiple chimes. Couldn’t figure out if this feature has been released yet.

I noticed a delay with Alexa and not always as practical as a chime, I don’t think of Alexa as a substitue to the Chime.

Multiple Wyze Video Doorbell to a single chime

A Wyze Chime can only be paired with one Wyze Video Doorbell at a time. Please provide support for multiple doorbells to a single chime.

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We need to be able to link a chime to multiple doorbells.
This will help with houses on multiple levels with front and back doors, 1 doorbell at each door and 1 chime at each floor.

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I was about to ask this same question, but looks like it is on the “would be nice to have” list.
Hopefully they can put this fix in, it would be really nice to have one chime that drives all the doorbell cameras (be they original or pro). It is a shame to have 3 doorbells with 3 chimes!