Multiple Doorbells

My house has two doorbells (front and back doors). Both bells operate a single set of chimes. I can live without the chimes as you cannot hear them in most of the house, so the Wyze doorbell is interesting to me.
The product details say you can use multiple chimes with one doorbell, but are silent about multiple doorbells. Competing products clearly state support for this scenario. It must be a very common requirement as the chimes in the house are nothing special and they ring differently depending on which doorbell is pressed,
Thanks in advance

Yes, you can install multiple wyze doorbells

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Would multiple Doorbells access all the chimes?

Good question, I know a single doorbell will ring multiple chimes. I’ll have to do some testing to check

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I have not tested, but I just saw the standalone chime is now available & in the FAQ, it shows only 1 chime will work per doorbell. I thought Wyze was gonna add a rule so if doorbell #2 was pressed, the single chime would activate, but I guess not yet. Every doorbell comes with a chime so you could still have both chimes on the same outlet.