Allow joining 2+ Chimes in App with single Video Doorbell for extended Chime coverage

Please change App to allow joining 2 or more Wyze Chimes with a single Wyze Video Doorbell to allow Wyze Chime-ing in two different rooms (or upstairs/downstairs) when Doorbell is pushed. This is not a hardwired chime that comes with a normal doorbell, but the Wyze Chime unit that comes with the Wyze Video Doorbell.

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I first need to make sure we are discussing the correct doorbell.

The Video Doorbell V1, hardwire powered:

This doorbell CAN have multiple chimes installed as accessories to the doorbell. Wyze recommends no more than 4 to reduce the possibility of latency. These chimes are installed thru the Cam Settings page for the VDBv1 and selecting Accessories and then the + plus sign in the upper right.

The doorbell chimes can be purchased individually from Wyze.

The Wyze Video Doorbell Pro, battery operated or hardwire powered:

This Chime “Pro” is actually a WiFi Bridge for the Doorbell Pro. The Doorbell Pro doesn’t connect to your WiFi, the Chime does. The doorbell connects to the Chime. Because of this, pairing of the doorbell to its Chime as a bridge is imperative. It will not operate without it. Because the Doorbell Pro can’t be connected to more than one WiFi source, it is limited to only one chime.

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My only chime doesn’t work, there isn’t solid blue light, only solid yellow light. What is the solution?


Now my Wyze app connects the chime. But the chime hasn’t sounds when the door bell is pressed. Why the door bell doesn’t connect to the chime by my home wifi?