Purchase Video Doorbell Pro without chime (I already have one)

Hi there - so I’ve got a video doorbell pro and the the ringer button and led ring no longer work (the camera part works fine). I’ve done all the troubleshooting and Wyze support says it’s toast and out of warranty so I need to buy a new one - not great, but fair enough… But it seems silly to me to throw out the chime too - anyone know if I can just purchase the doorbell without purchasing another chime?


Not to my knowledge. You could always try ebay. I did a search but found none sans chime.

I let the smoke out of one of my VDBPs accidently in a curious moment and have a spare chime as well sitting around if the day comes should I or someone ever need it.


OK, thanks - I figured, but thought I’d ask. Just trying to avoid adding to the landfill…

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If I am correct, I think that the VDBPro is only sold with the Chime because it cannot operate without one. This prevents users from buying a stand alone doorbell only to find out it is simply a wall decoration without the Chime.

The VDBPro doesn’t connect to the WiFi… It connects to the Chime and uses it as a Bridge because the Chime connects to the WiFi.

I think that is also why the VDBPro can only have one Chime. In contrast, the VDBv1 (wire powered) is sold separately, does not require a chime, and can have multiple chimes installed.

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Yeah, I’m sure you’re right. Was hoping the doorbell unit would be available alone as a “replacement part”, but it seems not. thanks again.

The chime is paired with the chime from the factory, due to that, as far as I am aware you cannot add a Doorbell Pro to an existing chime.