No replacement chimes for video doorbell pro

We had a family with young children at our house- one of which absconded with the chime that goes with our doorbell pro. We can’t find it anywhere. I discovered today that you can’t use the doorbell pro without the chime and Wyze will not replace just the chime. We have to buy a whole new doorbell. I was already frustrated with the fact that I was likely going to need to buy new devices when Wyze finally updated to Matter. This seems very dumb to me…to have to buy a whole new device because of a lost chime. I understand the pairing issues…it seems like lazy or cheap engineering to not allow new pairing. I have a lot of Wyze devices and several subscriptions. I won’t buy a new Wyze doorbell, I will just buy another doorbell, which will be the start of a new ecosystem at my home. I will cancel my subscription renewals. Wyze just lost a longtime loyal customer.

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