Doorbell Pro dual doorbells with dual chimes

I have two doors on two floors. Each with a Wyze doorbell pro. I would like a chime on each floor that would ring with either doorbell. Hopefully with different sounds so the occupants can verify which door to answer.

Yes, I need more than 1 chime per 1 doorbell pro

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Yes please! If I’m in the basement, I can’t hear the chime unless I turn it up really loud. Then, if we are upstairs, when the chime goes off, its way too loud. Two chimes would be fantastic.

If you could combine doorbells and chimes, I would like two chimes (one upstairs and one down) and four doorbells with different sounds on the chimes.


I’ve lost faith in Wyze giving a [Mod Edit] about adding features to existing products and thus don’t see this happening.

A workaround I’ve found is to use my Sonos speakers and Alexa announcements to have doorbell presses be announced through my Sonos speakers.

Sonos doesn’t officially support announcements however, I found that if I select all devices in my Alexa account, I can get announcements on my Sonos.

Might work with other Alexa enabled speakers but, I haven’t tried

Also you might be able to use echo dots (or whatever echo you prefer) as chimes. Check them out now as this is the time of the year Amazon usually has them on sale

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This doesn’t sound complicated. If someone has multiple doorbells, they should definitely ring on the multiple chimes, and with different sounds to indicate which door. This is a pretty basic request and I’m shocked wasn’t in the original design!!

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