Video Doorbell Pro + Remote Chime & Questions

Just saw the announcement for Video Doorbell Pro and looks like a great replacement for my Ring doorbell which has been very problematic for me (doesn’t detect anything at all, then magically on its own will detect too many things for a day, and then go back to not detecting anything at all… but I digress.)

I have two questions hoping someone at Wyze can answer:

  1. Can the Chime be on a separate wifi network? I’m in a 5-story building and the doorbell will be on the ground floor, while I live on the 5th floor, so the two devices will be connected to the Internet separately.

  2. If the battery is not removable, then I’m guessing we’ll have to take the whole doorbell off of its mount to charge it? How long does it take for a full charge?

Thank you!

Is the remote doorbell on the 900 MHz band as was the last video doorbell?
And what is the range of transmission if it is?

I’m pretty annoyed with Wyze after seeing my email today with the release of the new Pro model. I ordered the original Wyze doorbell at LAUNCH (Sept 2020) like I have many of their other products, and I just received it this past February 2021!!! I haven’t even installed it yet, and barely over 6 months later there is a PRO version out?! If they knew they were going to launch a PRO, and of course they had already started developing it, they should have said that a pro was coming to wait for that one if you wanted a doorbell cam with those features. Beyond frustrated.

Sell it on E-Bay and get the new one…

i have to agree with @whask2 . I would like to change my home to a Wyze smart home, but at the rate that they put out newer, better products I’m on edge. The home security is new but if i have to judge by pass products, they will have a newer better version by February of next year. And that’s right around the corner.

Yes, i can sell the old one on ebay by who has money to waste ; very 6 months buying new products.