Satellite chimes for Doorbell Pro

Don’t hold your breath

I’m a new user and while I am pretty satisfied with Wyze overall, I too am baffled that we can’t add another Chime Pro for the second floor of the house.

Particularly when the product information for the lower cost regular chime recommends adding additional chimes if you have a second floor. Wyze Support really should address this in the forum thread.

Completely agree for the Wyze video doorbell pro. I live in a medium-small apartment, and with the need to keep the chime so close to the front door, I can’t hear the chime in a back bedroom (on the same floor).

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Calling it “Pro” SHOULD indicate that it was more powerful than the plain version… I just bought one and haven’t unboxed it yet. Does anyone know if you can view what’s on the camera via an Alexa Echo Show?

Have Wyze done anything about this? I just bought a doorbell pro and found out that the included chime must be within 30 ft from the doorbell. I live in the second and third floor of the home. The only place that I can plug the included chime is in the bathroom or the stairs. I can’t hear the chime if I am on the other side of the house or if I am on the third floor. I was planning to get more chimes to create a mesh/chain for the doorbell if this is supported. Otherwise, this is a disappointing doorbell if it cannot be heard or answered most of the time…

Have you thought about the room directly above front door

I installed the doorbell near the back door because the doorbell wiring in the back isn’t working and that’s where my friends and guests will be when they arrive and park their cars in the driveway.

There’s no room above the back door, just stairs to the second floor. The room above the back door and next to the stairs is the bathroom. Next to the bathroom, and at the other corner of the house, is the kitchen.

We need more chimes to be audible throughout the house. Based on the feedbacks here, this isn’t an option. And, there are no options in the rules to make the other wyze cams create some noise or siren…

I have similar experience, without any fix or advice from wyze. Although I think I did read on one of the responses that you may be able to link with a Google or Alexa screen to show notifications and alert you that way something I haven’t tried but sound plausible

Do you use Alexa or google or apples version of Alexa? I keep the door bell chime on my back lanai and use my Amazon devices to ring as well when the doorbel is pushed. The video ones will also give you a live feed. I purchased a Echo dot for 10 bucks to use in my garage. But for the life of me, why did they not make this with add on chimes? Oh Oh wait I know…Wyze sells cheap crap and are only interested in the cheap prices.

The sad thing about it is the original doorbell had capability of additional chimes so no idea what they are thinking, I really like the door bell but if it wasn’t for my two four legged wireless chimes I would definitely miss someone at the door

I have similar problem. Only solution is set the Wyze app to have the doorbell on the video camera pro ring your phone, turn on doorbell notifications and keep your phone by you 24x7.

Thanks for sharing this idea. I have Google Nest Wi-Fi Mesh and other Google Nest devices on Google Home. I added a routine to automation on Google Home and a rule on the Wyze app to sound all of the Google Nest Wi-Fi Mesh and speakers in the house when the doorbell is pressed. Besides the delay, works really well… Saves me the money of buying more chimes if they did work. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Wyze [ When doorbell is pressed → Turn on an already powered on Wyze camera ] → Google [ When Wyze camera is turned on → Play an announcement/message on all Google Nest devices ]

I’m glad in helped, They are good doorbell cameras for sure it was probably just one of the worst things Wyze have done when it comes to new products not having ability to add extra chimes and then basically ignoring comments on the forum to fix it. Not even publishing instructions for the work around using Google or Alexa.