Rules indicator

How do I know or remember which rule i am currently on? Can’t each rule have a checkmark or be shaded when it is activated.

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I appologize if I misunderstand what you are asking.
Can you explain what you mean about knowing what rule you are on? On it, how?

One thing that can help with organizing rules, is that you can give them a specific name, including using a emojis. You can even add a checkmark as part of the name if you want.

When a rule is deactivated it will have the word “Disabled” underneath the rule name to show you it is not an active rule.

You can also see what rules are being triggered and when. Click on the account tab, Select Rules, then select the “History” tab at the bottom-middle. There it will show you a list of which rules were triggered and when. If you click on the dropdown arrow for that rule It will tell you everything it did, what it turned on or off and if any part of the rule was successful or failed or if a device was offline, etc.

If you mean something else, please elaborate.

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I think you are misunderstanding my question. When i select a rule button on the home screen such as night, I’m home, I’m away, etc. The button does not change nor is there any other indication i activated that rule.

Oh, those are shortcut rules, and at this time they don’t have an on or off state, you press them, they run the commands you set, and are done. There are some wishlist requests on changing this, but currently it’s not possible