Which Trigger is Active?

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How does the application identify which rule mode you are currently in? I see no change or mark or icon reshuffle when I go into the application home screen. So how do I know a rule has actually activated? I do not even see a change when I activate a rule manually.

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Depends what you mean. A Rule or Trigger fires and process what you want. Because of this, you are never really in a Rule Condition, it fires and done.

But to see the Rules which have been activated you can go do the following:

  • Start the App
  • Go to Account
  • Scroll down and Select Rules
  • Then at the bottom of the screen, select History

History will show the rules that ran in chronological order, newest will be first.

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So, on the home screen, there is no way to tell at a glance what rule is currently running? No change to the icons at the top of the screen?

Learned something new today!
Rules History!


Correct, the home screen will not show the rules which ran.


Yea, helped me out as well.

What comes in handy is when you try to figure out why something did not work. At least it will tell you a rule was unsuccessful and why or which device it could not reach


Shortcut Rules are like Smart Buttons. Your finger is the trigger. It is a fire and forget. When you press it, they execute every action in your rule all at once in a single blast and then they are done. They do not have “status” feedback logic. The same goes for Trigger and Location Rules. When the trigger is pulled, it is an Action Blast and then they quit. The only feedback is to look at the Rules History or have a Smart Bulb in your Rules that will turn on and off with each execution to show which rule was last run.

Schedule Rules are a bit different in that they will execute the Actions in a single blast at the Start, then wait until the end and perform the exact opposite of the Start Actions.

Answered concisely. Thank-you.