Has anyone else been asked to use RouteThisHelps app to try and determine why their vacuum will not connect to WiFi? I did run the test and heard back from Wyze that my router is over five years old and has weak signals. But the router is only three years old and I have never had connection issues with cell phones or tv or any other device. My replacement robot vacuum cannot connect to my wifi just like the original. I am willing to wait a little longer for a fix but beginning to feel like they are going to blame my router. Ugh!

Do you have a Mesh Router? I have one and experience minor issues, did get it paired though. In some cases, you will need o ensure you router is set to 2.4G while pairing as 2.4G is the supported WiFi for Wyze and a lot of other iOT products.

Yes, they had me try this RouteThis Help app, though not for the robovac.

I have a V3 that won’t connect. It will scan the QR code and then stall out every time. I went through ALL the troubleshooting steps (there are surprisingly a lot). I have reset the thing, reattempted setup like 30+ plus times (even using multiple different devices to do the setup) and it just won’t connect…but I have over a dozen other Wyze cameras that work fine and that will connect to my router and do set up just fine. They worked before this one, and I set up others after this one, and so obviously the router is not the problem, I just need a replacement cam…but they have a script they have to go through, and I understand and respect that, so I am doing everything they keep emailing me to try.

Most recently they had me use this RouteThisHelps app, so I did it, on 2 different devices. They haven’t responded with the outcome yet…but there’s no way you can blame my router on this one when I can DEFINITELY activate other V3’s on the same router with no issues.

For your situation, maybe try a workaround…see if you can connect the robovac to your cell phone directly. Turn on your hotspot (make sure your carrier allows you some limited free hotspot data…most do), so now your cell phone will act as a WiFi Router for other devices. Then enter in that username and password for the RoboVac setup and see if it works that way. If it does, then your router really is probably what’s hindering it, if it won’t activate on your hotspot either, then that makes their replacement device suspicious as another dud too. That’s what I’d try in your shoes. You could always try another router too, but if you don’t already have another one, then this is something you can try right away.

As mentioned already, some IOT devices spaz over mesh networks or bridged signals too. I think some people have said the devices try to stick with the same AP MAC address, and when they see an SSID with the same SSID name/password but a different MAC address to connect to, sometimes it spazzes out. Though, come to think about it, I’d think that should mostly be for problems that happen after initial activation, and you can’t get it to activate at all, so it could be another issue.
Are your 2.4 and 5 gHz SSID’s named differently or the same name? Did you try shutting down your 5gHz band while you activate the vacuum just to make sure the device isn’t confused (having both bands named identically as is common to do, sometimes causes problems for some people’s devices).

Good luck figuring it out!