Router firmware and backhaul

I have 6 router pros in 2 locations. One location everything is great. The other I have had difficulty getting updates on one router. I have factory reset it twice. I have power cycled it several times. I’veade sure it was near the main router. Still fails to update. Any other suggestions?

Also, all my routers appear up and working, but my status is not right. Wired back haul does not show up and the app lists the router as offline when it’s clearly working. Anyone else have this issue?

I have had mine fail on a firmware update before, but usually not repeatedly like you are reporting. Just to clarify, you are saying that in one location, one or more of the router nodes updated to the new firmware, but at least one of them at that same location keeps failing to update?

Also, you are using wired backhaul but seems to show you that it is using a wireless backhaul instead?

The router that you say is listed as offline even though it is working, is this the same router that keeps failing the update, or a different one?

The router that has failed updates is working. It is currently on wireless back haul. The back haul router is different.

The app actually shows both satellites offline and only 1 device connected, however, I know this is not true as I can access all my cameras.

Interesting. So under the devices area, where it shows whether devices are online or offline, does it also show the camera as offline there even though it is working?

I should probably recommend contacting Support. It may be they have seen something similar and know how to resolve it, OR at least they can get it logged in Wyze’s system so they can start tracking patterns of this related to the Routers. Even if it is just done by email instead of the phone or chat.

I would be interested in hearing what they tell you, and if anyone else reports something similar. that is interesting that you are showing only 1 device online even though you have other devices with internet and know it’s definitely working. Something definitely strange happening.

My cameras and smart plug all show online in the app. I can access the streams.

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@King_of_Stuff , Any suggestions? Well, here’s what I would try. You have Location A & B? And B is the one with the problem router node? I’d move that problem router to Group A and one of those to Group B. I’d mark that problem router so it would be easy to spot which has been giving me a problem. Then see if the firmware upgrade problem goes awy. If it does not go away, you have tested and made a great case for getting Wyze to send you a replacement.

Did not mean to minimize the effort to do this. Yes, I understand it requires a wipe and fresh install/setup at the root router, when you swap group locations.

Because it is a Sattelite Node, it should be a relatively simple swap with minimal disruption to the root router, its settings, or the other node outside of a network restart once replaced. Using the Replace Router function should swap in the new node easily.


Update on my post. I talked to tech support. They state that the routers need to be all online when updates are done. I had all the routers connected and online when I went to update but it still didn’t work. So, I tried something different. I removed my #2 router which was working fine and was up to date from the group. After doing this, I was able to update the odd ball router to the current version. I’m not having any other issues at this time except for the known bug of things showing offline when they are wired back haul. Hopefully this is helpful to someone else in the future.

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