Mesh wifi latest firmware update failed, Thanks Wyze support and product folks for solving the issue!

Failed to update latest firmware. Rebooted mesh units and retried updates multiple times to no avail. Cams keep streaming during the failed update attempts like nothing happened. From account → firmware update is not showing the mesh system. The mesh root router is connected to a Synology wifi router. The whole mesh system is mainly connected to my many Wyze cams and devices.

Any idea why the update failed? Looks like firmware download didn’t happened at all. Otherwise the mesh units will try to update and cam streaming will be interrupted but nothing happened.

Thanks a lot Wyze support and product team for helping out! It turned out all mesh units have to be turned on. Installed 8 units and eventually turned off two of them since six units are good enough for my many Wyze cams and devices. After I turned on the two missing units update completed without a hitch!

Why the hell would you buy WYZE mesh system. Unreliable,If wyze goes down then the whole thing goes down Camera internet and all, at Least your internet will still be up if you use a different or your provider router a different router

My Wyze root router is connected to a Synology main router which has very good parental control and firewall. My Wyze mesh system (standard) is very stable so far and used mainly for my many many Wyze cams and devices. Put a fan under the main unit to make it cooler to the touch. Tried TP-link 6E units from Costco which have more features but cams are less stable.

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