Rolling back Wyze app on iOS

Hey KAZ, I think we’ve got it surrounded here, but we didn’t quite drive it home:


Thanks for pulling all that together Peeps! Seriously. :+1: Rolling back apps on iDevices has always been a nightmare and now I have the documentation to prove it. :grinning:

If the price for the ability to easily roll back iDevices is to join the beta group… just might have to consider it on general principles… :wink:

Actually my only real complaint about the current new version is the excessively blinding white space - I can almost live with or work around most of the other new issues being mentioned…

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Thank you for that @peepeep !
New marketing slogan for Wyze: “If it’s not broken, we’ll fix it.”


Shh. That could catch on. :shushing_face:

And did you catch this neat little turn?

and this one:

Here we are, 3-for-1 and 1-for-3, occupying our destinies, in The KAZ

(K’s Autonomous Zone)

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What the Wyze Team is saying to that after hours when they’re fall down drunk and thinking up new things to spring on us:

Look on the bright side. :bulb: :rofl:

@AustinByr ?

(This cat will not address me directly - I’m starting to take a very soft offense. :wink: )

I miss old Maven emeritus, @nerdland, he’s quite the fiddler. Probably off fiddling with plenty new gadgets, pushing them beyond the limits of their fiddlability. :violin:

Without manifestly crazy people like these:

what would we do?? Well, I am loathe to even consider it… :kiss:

“If it’s not broken it will be.”


Simplicity: “It’s not broken?”



We keep telling WYZE that the app is too bright and needs a dark mode.
They respond with, “Oh yeah, you thought it was bright before? Check this out!”.




I agree the wyze app for pulling up micro so recorded video is cumbersome at best.

You can but you will need a few things. First you need to download the version of the app you want to install on your macbook in ipa form. Second you will need Xcode and a paid Apple Developers account so you can side load and sign the app yourself. You can use the free developer’s account however you will have to resign it every 7 days. Third you will use Xcode to open the IPA, sign the app and push it to your plugged in ipad (Side Load). Its very doable but another what you would say PITA.


You’d think a guy with one eye would understand visibility problems with the app.

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Thank you for that.

Apple’s original campaign slogan is stuck in my brain - “It just works.” Today’s version could be - “It might work.” I’m not really blaming Apple, others just don’t play well with them.

Thanks again :+1:

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Lots of misinfo in this thread. (Tip: don’t take iOS advice from Android users). You can easily install an older app on your iPhone using iTunes or iPhone Configuration Utility. You just need the old .ipa file. You might have that in an old backup, or you can see if Wyze will provide it (ha ha).

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So in other words there is no way to do it if an iOS user hasn’t previously backed it up and retained that backup?

Is there an equivalent array of places like APKMirror that store these easily installed .IPA files?

That’s not quite what I said. But yes, you need the app you want to install.

Looks like there’s one from “iosninja” and another from Cydia, but I’m not clear if they require a jailbroken phone. I’ve never jailbroken one of my iPhones. One of the sites requires installing and trusting a custom profile. It doesn’t sound that straightforward. If it were, we wouldn’t be locked to the app store?

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Yup! Anything not in the App Store requires a jailbreak AFAIK. It’s one of the great security strengths of Apple :slightly_smiling_face: and one of the most profound annoyances (to me) :rage: at the very same time.

:rofl: :joy: :rofl:

Yeah, different mindsets!