iOS Wyze app [on iPad2] - stuck on "Schedules and Automation"

I have an old ipad (iPad2) that is too slow to use for anything aside from a live photo frame and a baby monitor via Wyze app.

I noticed that if I open camera and go into settings, if I click on the “Schedules and Automation” it’s like going into a black hole. There’s no exiting that screen short of killing the app and restarting it.

Is this intended? No that I use that feature, I just clicked on there to check it out and got stuck (momentarily).

I will say thanks though, for keeping an app version in the app store that one can still use on the iPad2; this is still a capable device for some things.


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There have been similar posts here.

I have a 1st generation iPad Air. There are times when I go into group camera display and it wouldn’t let me go back to the home screen. But I saw an app update just moments ago. Didn’t have time to test but I’m hoping it fixes a few bugs.

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Ok, so I’m not just a dope… ok, well I’ll avoid going in that setting which solves the issue :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for responding

Maybe the developers did all their tests on Android version of the app? iOS does not have the Android “Back” button.