(iOS v 2.6.62) Is anyone else as unhappy with this new app as I am?

I realize things change, but… This update is a “downdate” in my opinion.

Among other things, having the icons on the video image clutters it up so I can’t see what’s going on [in the video] unless I enlarge it, which I don’t want to do every time.

Also, why on earth do I need to see on the events list that every single video is 12 seconds long???

And you can no longer swipe to the next or previous video if you’ve watched an entire video. It works if you’re only part way through the video, but not if that [annoying] replay icon is on the image.

Ugh, people. Did anyone actually test this in a real-world situation? (other than the product team sitting at their desks?). So disappointed… And crabby.


Still works on Android… both portrait and landscape.

Sorry – should have mentioned I’m on iOS.

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You’re tag at the top says android-and-iOS. Might want to edit to change that then.

There was no choice for ios only.

I was also perplexed by the 12 seconds label.

I can’t put a finger on it, so to speak, but the clip review seems annoyingly different. maybe it’s the drab gray filter added at the end.

As we found out, a double-tap to magnify a clip is sloppy or not working for some.

Seems Wyze needs a user interface quality control program. Maybe the beta team does this already? I just hope updates don’t destroy other features we grown to like.

All in all, it’s great to see improvements in the products and have a forum to discuss our inconveniences.

Is anyone else as unhappy…

Folks are weighing-in here:

FYI - It’s “iphone-ipad”.

I agree drop the icons.
My events range up to 29 seconds on my CMC camera.

Ah. Now it makes sense. Thanks.

Waddaya think of CMC (complete motion capture) so far?

I get that. But do you need to see it on the events list? Again, screen clutter.

Hi Julia. Is CMC of interest to you?

Thanks. But that thread is mostly about hardware issues and complaints about having to pay for the new cloud service. :wink:

Not at the moment. I can’t get past this horrible app interface. Maybe that will change. I do appreciate the option to not have a 5-minute cooldown, however.

Three thumbs up!
Glad it is optional
Glad I can choose a cam or so to use it on and not pay the price for all 20 plus cams.
Glad they finally introduced it so people who bought the cameras WHEN THEY SHOULD HAVE KNOWN FULL WELL ITS LIMITATIONS can now go on to complaining about else. Like why doesn’t it come in pink :slight_smile:


Wow. That tells us more about you.


I don’t see how they’ll be able to continue rapidly expanding features without forcing people to adapt to a changing interface (or forego updates, which has its own drawbacks.)

I’d love to hear someone with background in app interface design address this dilemma.

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Lol, good points. Wyze should include a pair of rose-colored glasses with each shipment. :wink:

How do you mean?

With help from support I realized my new phone didn’t have updated software. Got it running now but I can’t send the larger videos to anyone.

12 second videos email fine. Longer ones you only get a black screen with no video at all. Figure this one out and I’ll be happy with it.

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