6-11-2020 - New interface - where can I find a tutorial/explanation?

Today, June 11th, the WyzeCan interface looks different. The events are separated by the hour shown, which is fine, but when I delete unimportant “Motion” captures, they don’t disappear. Also, there is a “filter” icon and an “edit” icon. Rather than experimenting and accidentally changing something I wouldn’t want to change, I’d like to see a tutorial or explanation of how the new features function and how to use them. Apologies if all this has been posted and explained already. If so, please point me to a link to see it all. Thanks.

This is pinned at the top of the forum. There are also one or two threads with complaints.

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Thanks for your work on this update, which I’m sure will benefit my enjoyment of my 5 WyzeCams V2. It already appears that I will be thrilled with the non-person/motion-only events not having to be deleted, since they won’t appear (however I must have it set now).
Two other items:

  1. While I’m “getting used to it”, it would be of great benefit for us less sophisticated users to have a YouTube (or in-house Wyze-produced) video tutorial on the use of the icons and features. As is, it’s not clear to me.
  2. For some while, as I view events, I hear the audio (for example, of a door slamming) almost a second before the video shows that same motion. I’ve clicked on the “sync” icon, but that must be for something else, like the time of day.
    Thanks as always,

Known issue. For me, it can be 2-3 seconds.

A video tutorial showing how the newest upgrade can be navigated would be much appreciated (and is much-needed). As of now, I have to guess what does what, why items work or don’t work and what new functions I’m totally overlooking. You would think this would be a no-brainer for us no-brain, but loyal, customers.

There is a support page for this area of the app. However, it needs to be updated. I will pass that need up the chain.

This is a known bug. After deleting an event from the event’s screen, it still shows in the list. It will go away if you pull down refresh the event list. I have reported this. You may want to also.