New Wyze app not good

I just updated the Wyze app and two changes are a big step backward. Now I have to wait until the whole Event has been displayed before I can save it or share it. Not good.

And, the icons to do this have been moved onto the image. Depending on what is behind the icons, especially at night, they can be darned hard to see. There’s plenty of room at the bottom of the screen to keep these icons there.

And, when viewing in landscape mode on my iPhone, I don’t see how to save or share at all.

Is anyone one else finding these changes problematic?

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The trick in saving, sharing etc. before the event video ends is subtle but it can be done. While viewing the video under the events tab, tap the screen inside the video display area. That will bring up the controls overlay on the screen to pause download etc.

I have to agree that the location of the control on the screen is not the best.

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Any recommendations for an adapter for me to use to view the microSD card on my computer?

I had one from Amazon called Vanja and it worked once. After that, the micro SD card wouldn’t fit in the slot. I ordered a replacement and the SD card slot would not let me put in the WYZE 32 GB micro SD card.