Aug 3 update

lost my option to download video after the latest update.

Welcome @2seinfeld2

What cameras are you referring to? Normally you would go to an event, tap on the stream and select download from the stream. You need to provide full access to the photos folder, but will be prompted.

Here is a v3 camera I tested with. The Arrow points to what you need to tap on to do a download:

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My camera is a V2. I did tap on the event view but the icons for download, etc. Would not show up. I’ve been using the camera for years and know how to use it. The update has affected the performance and I have to restart or close out and try again.

Thanks for the clarification. Unfortunately, I no longer have a V2 Camera actively being used. I can set one up, but will tag others to see if they are experiencing the issues.

@R.Good @Seapup @carverofchoice @IEatBeans

Do any of you have a V2 Camera to see if you can download events on the iOS app?


Is the event showing as a video that you can view? Or is it just an image thumbnail in the event tab?


I tap the thumbnail to view the video.

What app version and V2 firmware are you on?

This is from one of my V2 events today and the download capability is there.

When you are viewing the event video, tap the video screen and the icons are revealed.

And I was able to download


The download and share icons came back after I restarted the camera yesterday and are there today. However, when you open an event to view and use the playback option and pause it, the icons to download & share are no longer available, so you have to close out and start over. The download and share icons should be available to make it more efficient.

I appreciate the help and have attached the hardware version of my camera.


While viewing coverage using the playback function of watching the SD card footage, there is no download button or share button. The download and share button are only on the cloud event. If you want to save or share footage from the SD card, you need to use the manually record function as you watch footage from the playback function. Once you save footage using the manually record, The clip will be saved to your device where you can share it from that point if you want.

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Ok. Thanks for the tip.