Having issues saving video on my phone or my husbands phone either. What’s going on? Is it just us!

Having difficulty saving videos from my phone as well as my husbands. Never had this issue before and of course when I needed it the most. Is there anything going on or is it just us? Cam V3

What kind of video? SD Card Playback Video or Event Upload Cloud Video?

Can you share a detailed description of how it is giving you issues? What are you clicking? What is it doing?

The more specific and detailed you are the more likely there is that someone can point you in the right direction.

I’m so sorry I did not explain better. I have a SD card and camera is V3. I was trying to save a event but it just kept saying loading for several minutes and then stop and does nothing or did nothing to save the event I was trying to save it. It’s never done this before and I even reset the camera and same issue happened again no matter what I do. So I’m lost now.
I took the SD card out to see if I could get it like that but I could not even find the event on the sd card. I’m just trying to save the event. I hope that’s a better explanation. Thank you!

The only way to “save” an event or video clip from the SD Card is to use the “Record” feature within the SD Playback UI. This records the SD Video that you are watching and saves it in your Album which is saved in the Phone’s default Gallery folder.

The Events Tab, on the other hand, are videos and snapshots that were uploaded to the Wyze Cloud Servers under your account. These are downloaded to your phone’s default Gallery when you use the Download button in the upper right near the Share button.

From your description, it sounds like you are trying to use the Download button in the Events Tab and it is stalling. Have you tried to use the Share button and direct the file to a save point that way?

Did you recently update the app or the firmware on the device. What versions are you currently using? I don’t use iOS, but if it has been reported as an issue with your version, I can probably point you in the right direction.

Has there been a resolution for this? I just started experiencing this too. I cannot save events to the album anymore. It just gets stuck with the “loading…” message never going away.
This is a recent development. i have a v3 with on iOS.

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I don’t use iOS, so I’m not sure what the newest App update or V3 Firmware update may have introduced since I have no ability to test and replicate it.

My suggestion would be to submit logs from both the V3 and the App Experience, copy those two log numbers, and then post within the Wyze Topics for the Firmware Release and App Release (linked below) explaining the details of what you are experiencing with the Log Numbers you copied.