Robot vacuum wheels have permanently stained my hardwood floors

I’ve been watching this topic with interest and have been using my Wyze vaccuum without incident as of yet, but it has occurred to me to ask how long before people started seeing this type of “marking” on their surfaces. My vac is relatively new. Does this problem show up quickly? I am using it on low carpet and have not seen any type of marking. I am also wondering if there are customers who have had the vac for a long time and have not had any problems with marking. I am trying to establish if this is a sporadic problem, or if it’s an inevitable end result of prolonged use. A timeline from people having this problem would be helpful. Any info would be appreciated.

Mine becomes slightly noticeable on ceramic tile after about 3 months and significant/unsightly after 5-6 months. Last cleanup of marks was June and they are just now starting to reappear.

Actually, Wyze has been in contact with some of the users over the remote vacuum wheel marking problems

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A temporary fix (until the “company” addresses the issue would be to put a rubber backed vinyl place mat down where the wheels mark the floor. The only spot I’ve read about are where the vacuum parks at it’s charge station.

No marks

Interesting. I have had my vac on a piece of cardboard keeping the charger and the unit on the same level. I noticed right away the vac would not properly align with it on carpet, since the vac is significantly heavier and would sink just enough to bork the charging process. It didn’t happen every time, but it happened enough for me to add the level plane. The ultimate cheap DIY fix for now. Thanks for the stats update as well.

I have very good luck with a product called “Spray 9”. Spray 9 seems to get it off most grease, rubber and stain marks. Try putting on a rag first and rub it on with some pressure. If that doesn’t work put a little puddle on the rubber stain and let it set for about 1 minute then rub. DO NOT LET IT SET TOO LONG. It can dissolve some coatings. IF it comes up, I would put a coating of car wax or better yet a coat of ceramic car wax in the area where WVac spins it wheels. I have a wheel stain on a bath mat where WVac got stuck under the shower door and spun wheels trying to get unstuck. Spray 9 got some of the stain out, but still treating the spot. Good luck!

Exact same issue with me - I tried Murphy’s oil soap, 91% alcohol, Bona wood cleaner, and WD40. No results, the marks seem to be deep set.

Have you contacted Wyze ? Any response or solution given? I would also file a complaint with

It would be nice to know what Wyze is saying about this. I haven’t seen much comment from them. What are they going to do, I really don’t want to waste the $200 I spent on this and becoming a product I can’t use.

Just discovered our Wyze vacuum is doing the same thing. We have the stains on our oak hardwood floors right where the wheels rest at the charging station. I have tried 70% alcohol, WD-40 and lighter fluid. None of them worked to clean the marks completely and are still very noticeable. Wyze, this is completely unacceptable. What will you do to make this right?

I’d like to ask, does this only happen on natural wood floors or have there been documented cases on synthetic wood flooring?

Here are the stains AFTER trying my best to clean the stains with 70% alcohol, WD-40 and lighter fluid.

Please send a product complaint with Consumer Product Safety Commission…Link above. The only way Wyze will listen to the consumer.

Exact same issue. Brand new (~6 months) white oak floor. They’re not “stains” they’re burn marks and they don’t come out. Ever. I’m really pi%$ed about this. It’s going to be an expensive fix, and I have them in two places in my living room (although the forum will only let me upload one photo…)

Please REPORT to Consumer Product Safety Commission…Have you called Wyze? What is there response to a Quality Flaw in there product ?

My best guess is that the rubber on the wheels heats up when charging due to the battery heat dissipation. The marks are clearly the same size and shape of the wheel treads. They must cool enough after leaving the charger which explains why they are typically close to the charging station.

Also, and I’m just going to say this once. Suggest using the ignore feature if you aren’t interested in seeing the same troll posting repeatedly.

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Instead of guessing…Wyze should be addressing this issue in this form about there Defective Product and Permanent Floor and Carpet damage. Maybe this would help…

same problem here, we had it since it came out and now its leaking on our new carpet

Please REPORT to Consumer Product Safety Commission…Have you called Wyze? What is there response to a Quality Flaw in there product ?