Robot vacuum wheels have permanently stained my hardwood floors

Hardwood floors. Engineered wood. At the charger where the wheels would rest. Just like the previous pictures. Just the nylon pad


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I’ve tried a dawn with a nylon brush, WD40, and rubbing alcohol. I don’t want to compromise the finish on the floor and make it look worse.
The floor is red oak installed in 1970. The floor was recently sanded and refinished with three coats of water based coating/finish within the last 3 years. It’s a typical oak hardwood floor.


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Hey MaddMatt, Contact the Floor refinisher that had been used and see what they can do. If they need to resurface the area (caused be the Wyze Vacuum Robot)…Send the quote to Wyze…You will have a Small Claims case if you like to go that route.

My thoughts on wood floors. I have a new one, 2 years old and was lucky enough to get a big pile of spare boards. The makers of wood floors are always changing the name and color of the products or just don’t make that style anymore, especially really old floors. Then the repair issue, it is hard to replace a few boards because the floor is put together like a puzzle, you can’t just pop a few pieces out and put new in. I think the best repair to the floors shown in the many post is a refinish by an experienced firm. I don’t know if they can just do a small area and blend it in.

Same issue here. Ruined brand new maple floors that I put down. Tried magic erasers, even scour pads. It’s the chemicals on the wheels that leave a chemical burn. Awful that this was rushed to market without any type of medium or long term testing. I recommend wyze products to people and just feel like an idiot now. Own up to your sh1t wyze and cover these damages!!!

Please report to CONSUMER PRODUCT SAFETY COMMISSION. Public Incident Reporting - SaferProducts

really loving all the progress on this issue. oh wait, no. the other thing.

Same issue here. Noticed some tracks on my white tile, then saw this thread and also noticed some faint marks near the dock as well (luckily that is vinyl flooring, so it did clean off without issue).

I flipped the vacuum over and noticed if I rub the tires at all it comes off on my fingers, similar result with a paper towel.

The rubber used may be low quality and could already be oxidizing.

Some other reports also mentioned yellow stains, it’s possible that lubricant from the wheels/motors is leaking and reacting with the rubber.

Very disappointing as I’ve been quite happy with the vacuum otherwise. My Roomba is seven years old and never had anything like this happen.

Edit: One more thing to note, in car tires there is something called blooming, which basically means the tires will leak some of the compounds used to prevent deterioration/cracking, this is typically brown in color. This is not typically used in rubber that is intended for indoor use as they are not exposed to the elements.

Mine as well. I have vinyl plank flooring. It left two quarter size dots by the docking station. One under each wheel.

I’ve had it in the same spot for about a month. The previous spot it was at for a couple of weeks have faint marks, so it’s definitely from the vacuum. They are about 9.5 inches apart, the same distance between the wheels.

Wyze needs to do something and compensate those with stains that cannot be removed. It’s ridiculous that they cannot duplicate.

I tried magic eraser, scouring pad, comet with bleach, and no luck.


I had a stain start, and used just water to remove it. On a lament floor. I had to rub very hard to remove it. Flooring is 10 or so years old, and this is the only item that has ever stained it. If you send a shipping label I can send you a small chunk of the flooring.

Has anyone tried Denatured Alcohol? When I use it to clean vs regular rubbing alcohol it always proves superior. Worth a try.

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I just noticed this on my hardwood floor. We have a huge bottle of hand sanitizer made by a local distillery. On a lark, I tried a little on a paper towel and the marks are no longer noticeable. If I get right down there, I can see a faint mark. As near as I can tell, it’s a mix of the alcohol used in distilled beverages mixed with aloe. I think I’ll soak the paper towel a bit more, maybe let it sit a couple minutes, if I can even find the marks again. I’m wondering if I could use an old SilPat to protect the floor. I’ll try it and report.

I had the same problem but to a lesser degree. We currently use a wood cleaning product called BONA and that removed ours. I still submitted the log to Wyze so they have another data point.

Having the same issue with my vacuum. Tried magic eraser, Goo Gone, 70% alcohol and BONA wood cleaner, but marks still there. Extremely disappointing! :frowning: Big Wyze fan, but this will cost me way more than than the vacuum itself. Would like to know what is being done and how customers concerns are being addressed.


Curious what your issue with Wyze is. Since you recently joined the forums, all I see is you trying to get individuals to contact the consumer product safety commission. I am not sure where this animosity is coming from.

Do you own any of the Wyze Products? I believe you don’t own a WRV, seem to recall you indicated that.

Just a curios forum member as I have nothing but praise and good experiences with Wyze.


Same issue, but on carpets. Carpet cleaner doesn’t pick it up at all. It’s like the carpet is burned, not stained.

Please report this to my link above. Please also contact Wyse with a complaint. I also have not seen any response from Wyze on this issue.

Adding another instance of marked floors. Same images as above on my 1949 oak floors.

I sat on support chat for awhile while they attempted to route me through the usual steps of firmware updates and stuff completely not related to the fact that those tire treads are leaving marks… a physical defect that is damaging our floors and carpets.

After moving the support communication to email I was told that they would not refund my vacuum (I backed with a pre-order in late 2020) because it’s outside of the 30 day window.

THIS IS NOT TRUE. Both of the Wyze Watch 44s my wife and I ordered were returned and refunded (leaking charge contacts… ugh…) and waaaaay outside of the 30 day window. Given that a replacement is incredibly likely to mark more of my flooring, heck no! Own the fact that the rubber on these is leaking oils into various materials and provides refunds to customers.

I also asked where to send estimates for repair since my floor will require refinishing in the area of damage.

The unfortunate part? I like the vacuum’s performance, mapping, and the Wyze app support… it’s honestly great! It marks my floors though… in a very un-fixable way… so the vacuum will not be used in my home and I can’t sell mine (or its replacement) to anyone in good faith.