How good it the robot vaccum?

I have multiple Wyze products and I am a fan.

I want a robot vaccum. The house flooring has a mix of carpet and tiles. I wanted to know how good is the Wyze’s product?

Related questions I have, We have a tiles like the posted picture and I am given to understand I need to steam mop to clean it properly. So there’s no use to buy a vaccum which mops. Would you know if this robot can handle vacuuming of such flooring since it has gaps?

Reviews and suggestions would be great.

You may consider looking at this thread :
Robot vacuum wheels have permanently stained my hardwood floors

As “bryonhu” said…Read the Thread and Stay clear from the Wyze Robot Vacuum. Buy a iRobot as don’t look back.

I’ve been using the Wyze robot vacuum with a mix of floors for a couple months now and it works great. I have ZERO issues with floor staining like some have posted. They may have defective units. The only thing missing that is coming soon to beta is multi-floor support. Have a golden retriever so tons of hair. Main brush needs to be cleaned often of hair but it cleans well. Would be nice to see an improved tangle free main brush like a lot of new vacuums have. irobot you’ll pay twice the price or more for the the room mapping.

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I have two of them and have been using them for almost a year. I’ve honestly not had any problems with them. They clean really good.
I have tile, wood, and carpet in the house.

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This is a link to my first impression.

The features have gotten even better since and the team is still working on improvements. (Multi Floor, Voce Commands with Alexa, spot cleaning)

I really like my WYZE Robot Vacuum I use it multiple times a day on hardwood and carpet.
I have not had an issue with the wheels staining my floor either. The only issue I have (and it’s minor) is the WRV disconnects from my WiFi once every 4-5 days for an unknown reason. The only way I can get it to reconnect is to reboot my wireless access point. The WYZE team is helping me try to identify the root cause of this. Other than that I am very happy with my WRV, Price point per features you cannot find a better device. But I would be mindful of the wheel staining issue that some are having.

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Like others have mentioned, my WRV works well, I have had no issue with staining and as stated above, it may have been a defective batch of WRV’s.

My home has wood, area carpets, carpeted rooms, and tile. some area carpets are about 3/4 inches above the wood floor and the WRV does not have an issue with that. Does a really great job of cleaning. I should note, I don’t have animals but I do have 2 grand kids a 2 year old and 5 year old which things can become messy - WRV takes it in stride and cleans the mess up easily.

You get many features with the Vacuum including Multiple Floor maps and soon Alexa Integration. Wyze is also working on Spot Cleaning ability - read this somewhere in one of the topics.

Only issue I have (but infrequent), but even the other Vendor Vacuums suffer from this at times, is depending where it is cleaning, the map tends to adjust and the vacuum starts to clean to the adjusted map. But as said, this is infrequent and seems to tie to the WiFi strength.

I would recommend the WRV based on my experience and review of other competing vendors Robot Vacuums. Price to Features is worth it to me.

I’ve had terrible luck with Wyze Robot Vaccum. My brand new Vaccum quit working for lidar sensor issues. Lookup Clean lidar sensor issue. I am waiting for a replacement that is currently lost in the delivery system.
I would recommed you stick with a reputable company for robot vaccum. At this point, I’d be happy if Wyze just refunded me the robot vaccum.

Sorry to hear you are having issues. Fortunately, I have not had any of the reported issues, nor has my in-laws or colleagues. If you Lidar sensor went bad and they sent a replacement, you should be good once you get it.

It’s a Cheap Vac that could have been Q&A better. Also use 2 Dyson’s and their the BEST!!!