Robot vacuum wheels have permanently stained my hardwood floors

I’ve had the Wyze Robot vacuum since it came out and just recently noticed that the wheels have somehow stained my hardwood floors. I have tried a few ways to get the stains up, but they don’t budge at all. Somehow the wheels have permanently stained the floor. Could the rubber have had a chemical reaction with the polyurethane? It makes no sense at all, but the evidence is clear.

Has this happened to anyone else? I’ve searched and can’t find any answers. What the heck?


Interesting! I haven’t seen or heard of this one before. Do you use any cleaning chemicals on the floor that the robot cold have driven through, cleaners etc? What type of flooring is that? I’d suggest some type of thin mat that you could put under that spot if you would want to continue to use the robot vacuum until this is figured out. There is also the choose of not using it too. Have you contacted Support about this issue yet? It’s a holiday weekend so if you haven’t yet you’ll have to wait until Tuesday.


We don’t use any chemicals on the floors that the robot could have driven through. It’s oak hardwood with polyurethane. It is pretty typical and quite common. The floor is less than 3 years old as well. I haven’t contacted support, but will do so on Tuesday. Needless to say, I’m not happy about it.


So far, no real help from Support. They suggested I remove the stain with rubbing alcohol. Tried that, it did absolutely nothing. I really think this was some sort of reaction with the rubber wheels and is ingrained in the wood. Not sure how it can be solved, but I am patiently waiting…

Your hardwood has Polyurethane coating, so it should not be in wood.
Is it just the two spoys on picoe it is all over the house floor.?

You can try other cleaning chemicals like acetone. (Must ventilate while apply)
on a small patch somewhere.
Or mechanically with a eraser patch (it is like sandpaper so becareful) or with a razor blade lightly scrape it?


The stains are only on the two spots where the vacuum comes to charge. It is not in any other part of the house. I have tried a “magic eraser” and it made no difference. I haven’t tried too many other cleaning agents. Is it possible the rubber on the wheels reacts with the polyurethane over time?

Based on the color of the marks it looks more like burn marks to me from wheels spinning on the wood ? Don’t know I have a great old Roomba who behaves itself most of the time. If it gets stuck it stops moving and starts talking until your rescue it. That floor doesn’t look like it has a sealer to me, does it??


Yes the floor has a sealer. It’s polyurethane and it’s 3 years old. This is a new floor. It’s not a burn mark from spinning either. You can see that it is points of contact from the treads of the wheels.

I agree, thought the same… if you get down low when the vacuum initially backs out of the cradle, does it do a small torquey wheel spin? Does it have to pull it self from or unclip from something on the base to move? Wonder if the sealer is a little slippery and the wheels don’t get good traction or enought bite when trying to pull back.

Have you tried 70% or 90% ethyl alcohol? It works for me.


Hi , could you please submit a log and Write the Log Number. wyze engineers will investigate it.

Submitted a log. 221799

yup–Same thing with mine—I used a very light (plastic) scouring pad and it was removed. At least in my case, it was clearly on the surface

Welcome to the forums! Thanks for the post with that info! :slight_smile:

Do you have a V3 Camera or two, that you can place at the scene of the crime?

If you are still using Robot Vacuum, it would be interesting to move the charging station to another location to the right or left of this location, and have the Wyze V3 Cams ‘document’ the transition from no marks on the floor to what you are seeing on the floor at this location.

Stop the experiment the moment you start to see the first ‘spots’ that equal what you are showing in your picture.

I may get one of these in the future, but if this is an issue that is caused by the Wyze Robot Vacuum, and its not resolved… guess I’ll have to cancel the idea of buying one of these in the future.


A small mat on the floor will solve the issue , plenty of different kinds of them to choose from

I have permanent marks as well. Scrubbing does not help. Nor does using a wood cleaner. I am so disappointed and cannot recommend this product. I would like to reach out to Wyze to know how to get the marks up. Please see attached pictures.

Sorry to hear that. Have you tried rubbing alcohol? (70%-95%)That should help remove the marks.

Well so far the response from Wyze has been underwhelming to say the least. It’s not rubber marks, they don’t come up with any type of cleaner. They look like burn marks and I want to know why.

I Just noticed this when I was cleaning my floors. Robot usually sitting so ya can’t see it but these are definitely marks from wheels. This is vinyl plant tiles. I do believe it could be oil in the wheels or something like that around the the wheels leeching from them??? Not good. My Roomba
never did this. Please Wyze fix this!! I discovered yesterday and NO I haven’t tried to clean it. I’m busy and this shouldn’t be a thing. I will try this weekend.