Allow Canadians to buy direct from Wyze

Ordered v3 from the Canadian website last night. It just shipped a few minutes ago. Shipping fees not bad. I just ordered one item to test speed and how it is handled.

I’m waiting for a Scale product to be added, before I order. Also, with my math, it seems that the the headphones, which I almost ordered are a bit overpriced. Might be more out effective for me to order to my US address, and cross ship to Canada.

my 2 cents.

For those looking at the vacuum I’ve been reading that it’s wheels stain floors and carpets just make sure you put a mat underneath its parked area. I’m not sure what it could be but it seems like it either two things.

  1. At some point in the day it tries to readjust or runs its wheels leaving marks.
  2. Leaks rubber compounds staining floors

If at some point you do get your hands on this beware tons of cleaning products do not work from odd ones like WD-40 to goo gone. Just buy a chair protector mat and you should be covered.

Did you get this info in this forum?

Pictures or it didn’t happen

Holy crap. I have the same white oak floors. I’d lose my mind if that happened. I’m shocked. I have a Mi Home Vacuum that I’ve been running for years now. Looks identical to the Wyze vac, never had an issue. Did that happen during one use or over time? No Wyze cam to see what happened? Sorry that happened man, there must be something that can take that off though. Did you call your floor manufacturer to see what’s safe to use?

I only made reference to this thread . I don’t have this vacuum🙂

Right. @prowler_t

I don’t have it just wanted to make sure others avoid the damage ya know? Learn from others misfortune. I also hope to replace my neato botvac once it bites the dust or I guess doesn’t bite it anymore I should say haha. The wyze was a option for me and still is if the floor mat solves the problem.

Right. Again. Just went through that thread. Holy hell, I’m surprised people aren’t burning these vacuums in the streets. Thank you for the CDN PSA.

It looks like Wyze is tryiong to determine which batch of vacuums is causing the issue. I assume that’s why the Wyze rep is asking for MAC addresses.

Thanks @prowler_t for bringing this up. I don’t own the vac and didn’t plan on buying one but people need to know this.

Well ordered back on Nov 2. Shipped via Canada Post and its out for delivery today, originally slated for delivery next Wednesday. Can’t complain about that. Thanks again Wyze.

Oh, I’ve been waiting for this! It’s finally here!

Just made my first order on the Canadian site! Can’t wait to see their full product lineup though :slight_smile:

My order, a lock, V3, and window mount took just two days. Even better, after it arrived, I had the lock installed in about 35 minutes thanks to a fantastic walk through installation in the Wyze app.
Here’s a question for everyone who’s ordered…I’m in Ontario and my shipment came from Ottawa. I presumed, based on Wyze being on the west coast, that they’d be based in Vancouver. Do they have a number of shipping points?

Yeah, the one thing that surprised me was the shipping from Ottawa thing. Wouldn’t all of the product basically by coming from China?, or at least from China, through the USA, up to Canada? In the US they ship from Washington State where the company is. I would have imagined BC would have been the shipping point. But oh well. $6 shipping and Canada post doesn’t suck too bad I guess.

Would love to order the key pad with the lock. Wondering when the key pad would be available.

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Oooh yes, I’d want the Keypad + Lock too. That would be perfect.

Just a heads up p for anyone interested, Home Depot just received a bunch of thermostats. We have 24 of them listed in the Kelowna BC store.

The test will be warranty replacement.

We’ve had Amazon and Home Depot selling limited Wyze products for a while without warranty. The only difference now is Wyze is the vendor so we should have no issues getting warranty replacement.