Help With Poop!

Last night, my dog pooped on the floor and the vacuum rolled over it and got stuck. I am unable to get all of the poop out of the wheel treads and wheel cavities.

Any Ideas?

Is there a way to remove the wheels to clean them?

You might have better luck getting it off with some kind of brush after it is totally dry

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First, remove the wheel. Second, clean the wheel

But how do I remove the wheel? I don’t want to break it and I’m afraid of not being able to put it back together.

I sadly just threw our vacuum away as we had a dog poop issue. It was literally everywhere. No way I trust being able to clean the insides of the vacuum adequately. I can’t bring myself to buying another one of these in fear this will happen again. As much as I loved it and love all the wyze products (and I’ve bought most of them) unless it has some way to not spread it everywhere and be 100% cleaned I’m out.

I would try taking you apart to clean it up, you have nothing to lose if you can’t get it back together, but you can try

That is where I am at now. Found a teardown walkthrough on YT. The last thing I have is to try and separate the wheel rubber from the hub. Seems to be pressed in between two halves so I guess I get to pick it out with a screwdriver. At least I got the wheel well removed so I can be washed.

If it doesn’t work when I put it back together I guess I go shopping.

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Best of luck to you .
it could be beneficial to other people if you could post a link to where you found the teardown walkthrough :grinning:

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