How do I clean the wheels? [Mod Edit] happened while I was away

Dog owner here. I normally run Roberta at night when the dogs are in the bedroom with us. Last night she got stuck on something. So I set her to resume and most of the way through she needed to charge. I left hubs in charge of the dogs and her and went shopping. Some dog pooped on the floor and now I’m trying to get it out of the drive wheel. The brush is fine, just one side is affected.

Any one have suggestions?

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I can’t give advice on cleaning the wheel (haven’t had to yet), but I have several cats, and they have been known to go outside the litter boxes if our daughter neglects them for too long…my daughter is also frustratingly messy, leaving things around the house…

So before I run the robovac, I almost always do a quick visual sweep around the rooms and make sure there aren’t cords/poop, etc. Sounds like you might have to start doing the same with a dog that doesn’t warn you ahead of time.