Robot vacuum wheels have permanently stained my hardwood floors

Well, what if Wyze were to market a robotic floor/carpet scrubber that could then follow the vacuum machine’s path to clean up the residue left by the vacuum? OK, maybe not yet.

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Tomorrow marks 6 months since I reported this problem. The solutions that @WyzeHongfei and @wyze others have offered have been cleaning solutions, which of course don’t work on chemical BURN marks, and a vacuum mat. I’m still waiting…

cohibajoe has a serious problem. People like this are the reason cost of insurance in this country is so Ridiculously high.

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So you rather not report issues when Wyze is offering NO solutions? Wood Flooring and Carpets which with need to be replacement (at the Owners expense ? I Think Not!!! People need to speak up when Companies are silent.

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Our new floors are “Luxury” vinyl tile. No additional coatings/sealers applied. Interesting that many pictures show multiple marks and just two for ours. It’s like the chargers kept moving. Haven’t tried cleaning yet, but will soon. Whether that works or not, don’t really care, putting a small rug down either way. Other than that, we love the vacuum.

Hi WRV users who encountered the staining issue,

We apologize for the inconvenience from this issue. We understand that the rubbing alcohol and WD-40 we suggested may not work very well for some of you.
While our engineering team is still working on the root cause and the further solutions to provide to solve this issue, we would like to hear more information from you to help us accelerate this process.

Please help me fill out this survey if possible:

Thank you so much for your support.


Have you tried rubbing alcohol/ alcohol wipe or WD-40 to clean the stain? Let me know if they work or not. Thanks!

I have had my Wyze vac on oak hardwood since Feb . I looked tonight and there were faint tire marks where it charges on the base. However the marks were not stained or burnt into the wood at all. I scrubbed my finger on the marks and they rolled-up and came off like little pieces of rubber. It’s almost as if the rubber is slowing breaking down.

I should note may layout is small and most of the time I only run the vac to clean the kitchen. As a result I am normally only charging the battery back up from 75% or so. That might further the theory that heat while charging plays a factor in this issue. If I am only charger for shorter amounts of time, that might have prevented the vac from heating enough to really stain my floor so far.

My dock is located in a shady area. I do wonder if the issue is expedited if the robot is parked in a place that gets direct sun. Either way, this really shouldn’t be occurring inside a year.

For ALL the nonsayers on Wyze Defected Robo Vac…And it’s not in the Peoples head…Please Please Please Report this to

We have heard you, too many times now. We have all seen all your pleas, Please Please Please STOP!!!


To silence the disgruntled cohibadope just “ignore” his posts. You have to dig around the settings but the option is there somewhere, sorry I can’t remember exactly how I went about it, but I dont see any of his messages anymore. While I can understand the rationale to stay focused on a topic and make sure it’s being handled, his respective online “screaming” is actually hurting whatever point he is trying to make. It’s like the boy who cried wolf, He has become a problem/distraction in these forums, due to the constant obsessive non-helpful posts. I can only assume he complains about everything to everyone. At least that’s the impression I am getting from this robotic tirade on this thread. It’s as if the Wyze Vacuum ate his dog or something, the amount of vigor and venom he is putting out there. We get it. He’s not happy. Now if he would only stop making us unhappy…

Be constructive or be gone/silent Joe. It’s pretty binary at this point. You are hurting your own credibility. Context is king. I don’t even know what the problem you experienced is. It could be stained floors but your mania suggests it could also be something else. All I am sure of is you have a grudge. I will never file that report just to spite you at this point, even if I wanted to. Work within the system before you burn it all down man. Constructive criticism can definitely help of course. But you left constructive out in the cold, a bunch of posts ago. If you want to have true impact remember “less is more”.


Thanks for the help there, Good to know. If you click the person’s name to go their profile, towards the top right of the screen is a button that says normal. You can hit IGNORE from there.


Your Perfect working Robo Vac…Just think of those who have not reported this to Wyze.

I also have tire marks on hardwood floor.
I just discovered this thread by luck.
I wish Wyze would send out a notice, so people can put down a mat until this issue is understood.
I will try WD40 and report back.

MAC: 7C78B20A3E30

Be careful reporting your Wyze issues here…Wyze Lemmings will " disfellow " you for reporting Defective products.

Thank you for reporting this issue and MAC address. Please try rubbing alcohol/ alcohol wipe as well. Let me know if it works or not.
Please help me fill out this survey to help us accelerate the troubleshooting process:

Thank you!


It did not help. I filled out the survey.

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Big wyze user here and unfortunately need to report the same issue re staining floors. Nothing is working to lift the stain on my hardwood polyester floors. image

This is one of the most open boards I have been on. Hence Wyze involvement in this thread, and the thread itself.

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It only took how many months and Complaints with Lemmings down playing this.