Robot vacuum wheels have permanently stained my hardwood floors

Could you please try using rubbing alcohol with a cleaning cloth to remove the stain?

70% or higher rubbing alcohol does not work on wood floors. I’ve tried that- it took a tremendous amount of scrubbing and there are still lighter stains on the floor. As someone who has purchased about 12 different products from WYZE (bulbs, locks, cameras, vacuum), I respectfully ask the following 2 questions: Are you alerting new consumers to the issue in the directions? Is WYZE conducting tests to understand why this is happening? I would not want others to go through this frustration.

I tried that to no avail.
Tried: rubbing alcohol
Bissell stain removing spot cleaner
Light bleach (since the floor isn’t white I didn’t try much)

I’m already moved out of the apartment and out my deposit due to “carpet stains” so my vacuum cost me a LOT of money…

Oops add:
Tried Dawn soap
Tried baking soda and white vinegar

Your vacuum works well but destroys the floor where it rests…

Class Action Law suit is next.

So are you a slip and fall lawyer or an ambulance chaser ? :roll_eyes:


Here we go again with a quality Wyze product. Go thru the thread…carpets are ruined, woodfloors will need to be refinished. And we have heard nothing from Wyze. Please report this with Consumer Product Safety Commission Public Incident Reporting - SaferProducts

Not saying there is no issue, I have the Vacuum and have not experienced any issue so far.

Do you have a Vacuum? If so, are you experiencing any issues? I have not seen any post in the thread where you indicated you did and I am only reading where you are trying to get individuals to open a class action suit.


It seems that Wyze could make reporting issues and contacting support personnel a much less painful experience.

Rocket science is not needed to read the posts and see that the support arm of the company is either absolutely overwhelmed or drastically understaffed

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Thanks for your information. Could you please tell me the MAC address of your robot vacuum? We are trying to sort out the devices which have this issue. Thank you!

Go through the thread Ha !!! I’ve been reading it since 2 June.

Will that assist me with the money I now owe my apartment complex?

The MAC address is 7C7B20AB585

Hi @cactexas , thanks for your info. Our engineering team have been conducting different tests to reproduce the issue and work on solutions since few months ago. 70% and 90% rubbing alcohol should be effective on carpet stain. We haven’t successfully reproduced the unremovable wood floor stains in our lab. Could you please tell me the MAC address of your vacuum and where can I buy the exact same wood floor (product SKU?) you currently have? Thank you!


Where is MAC address? May I find it in the app?

I don’t have the vacuum but Mac addresses for Wyze products are usually on a sticker somewhere on the product or for sure in the settings of the product in app under a “device info” section or something similar.

@WyzeHongfei Rubbing alcohol didn’t work on my hardwood floor either. From what I understand, I’ll have to sand and refinish the floors to get the oil stains out. That’s… a lot of work. My vacuum’s MAC address is 7C78B20A6A37

coat tailing here.
I have two vacuums. Didn’t notice this before until after I had new carpet installed. (10 year old carpet, replaced with stain-master pet protect)

After that, I noticed the blue tinge on the carpet where it parks. Both appear to do it as they are both on the carpet.
Unit 1 mac: 7C78B20A3EA0
Unit 2 mac: 7C78B20AA18C

With that all said, I ‘might’ be getting it out with a product called “Whip-it”. Still trying, but so far it’s at least lighter and my eyes are not seeing it. will try a few more cleanings and check it in bright light.

For context, the blue tinge shows up within 11 days from the carpet install.
Carpet purchased at lowes:
PetProtect Purebred- Premium Premium Plush Carpet (Indoor)
Item #621178 Model #C70740001

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The Mac address on my vacuum is 7C78B2OA832F. As far as the info on the make of my wood floor… I don’t know and don’t know how to get that info.

Please report this with Consumer Product Safety Commission

@Omgitstony is correct. Go to the Vacuum in the app, then click on the gear in the top right, then go to Device Info. This is where you will find the Mac Address