Robot Vacuum Sees Center Section as part of room

Hi all. I normally try to figure out my own problems, but this one is stumping me. I have submitted a ticket and logs to support, but was wondering if anyone else has this problem and has found a solution.

Our house layout has a center section where stairs are located. When the robot vacuum maps the floor plan it sees this center section as if it’s furniture or something and maps the whole floor as one big room. I can not split the room with a point being on the center section. When I split the room through the center section, the robot tries to go through the center section to get to the other room. I’ve attached a screenshot of our floor layout. It has a red arrow where the robot keeps trying to go through to get to the other room. I’ve tried setting no-go zones in the center, but it doesn’t matter, the robot keeps trying to go through the center section.

As a new user, I can only attach one file. I’ll try to add more in subsequent posts to this topic.

Anybody have any ideas? Thanks.

Here is another screen shot of our floor plan with the split I’ve tried.

Lastly, here is a screenshot with the no-go zones I’ve tried adding


Yes! I have the exact same issue and have been asking to be able to split using interior walls. I have had no response to my requests.

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Bummer. Hopefully they’ll come up with a solution.

Although, I did find a work around I believe.

We just got some new kittens and we were limiting their access for a while as they got used to living with us. During this time, we had some cardboard boxes that we used as temporary “walls”. We took one down and left one up for a bit (it was taped up pretty well). The red line in the photo below was the location. What I found, is our robot vacuum (we named him Mo, after the robot in WALL-E :grin:) then saw the internal walls as external walls.

So, I think I’m going to put the cardboard back up and do a remapping. This will enable me to split the room up. I’m wondering what Mo will do once I take the cardboard down and he finds out he can move through there. Worst case, I can always put a thin no-go zone there.

It’ll probably be this evening before I can try this, but I’ll post my results.

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It worked! I put a cardboard wall up (you can see it below, with the red arrows pointing to the “wall”). This made the robot see the internal walls and I was able to split up the floor plan.

I then put up a no-go zone where the cardboard wall is (as seen in my next post - can still only attach one photo per post right now) and took down the cardboard wall,

Now, I have not run a cleaning cycle yet to confirm this works, but it should…but then again you would think Wyze would have programed the robot to understand internal walls as well.

After I run a cleaning tonight, I’ll post the results.

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Photo with the no-go zone.

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Well, it worked great! Using a removable wall during mapping and putting a no-go zone on top works. I can now split rooms off internal walls!

I’ll post a new thread with specific information and pictures later so others have a goby on how to trick the robot vacuum into seeing internal walls.

PS - this also solved the problem I have with our robot wanting the drive through the center section, mentioned in the first post.


I wish I could split the rooms from the kitchen island also. maybe on the next update.

Seems like making fake walls is pretty trashy. Only if they allowed us to just draw areas free-hand or allow us to section a room off the same way you can section of no-go zones. I have a big open floor plan and it’s just 1 big room to this clown vacuum cleaner

It is trashy and getto, but after you do an initial scan, you can take the fake wall down and put up a no-go zone. I read another member didn’t put up a no-go zone and the vacuum was able to traverse where the fake wall was located and still kept the center area as walled off. I haven’t tried it yet though.