Cannot split rooms

Today, when I was using my Wyze Robot Vacuum, I found that I could not divide rooms. Has anyone encountered such a situation? How to solve it?

What app and vacuum firmware are you running?
If everything is up to date, try forcing close and reopening the Wyze app.

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I can split rooms, but only from exterior (outer perimeter) walls.

Beta Wyze app for Android: v2.21.14
Beta Vacuum firmware: 1.6.130


When trying to split rooms I can only use exterior (outer perimeter) walls. The Quick Map didn’t do a very good job at dividing the home into “rooms.” So not being able to split rooms using inner walls makes creating “rooms” almost useless with my home’s floor plan.

See the screenshot for one example. I can only move the 2 white circle targets onto cyan green walls. I need to be able to lock a white circle target onto the dark grey “walls” in the center of Room 1.

I’m using:
Vacuum Firmware 1.6.113
Android app 2.21.26, last updated 2021-06-15

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Posted this back on April 25, It may help in your situation.

Here is a trick for dividing rooms using an inside wall as an anchor point.

  1. Select a point on your inside wall, conveniently close to an outside wall where you would like to divide an existing room.
  2. Using a solid piece of material (cardboard, plywood, boxes, whatever) as a temporary wall, span the distance between the exterior and interior wall.
  3. Remap the floor, especially on both sides of the temporary wall. Make sure there are no gaps in the temporary wall the Lidar can see through. (Remove temporary wall after remapping.)
    When the mapping is completed, the algorithm will now treat the inside was as an outside one, and it can be used to divide rooms. You will also end up with a permanent room break (wall) where the temporary wall was.
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