Vacuum map separating room

couple of quick questions

1 I see everyone else’ s maps and they look so nice and clean. Why does mine look like Picasso drew it ?

2 Why can I only use outside walls to split rooms? This is really not working for me.

Can you put a picture of your Map and where you are trying to put a wall?

Also, can you provide your App Version and the Device you are using along with the Firmware version of the Vacuum.

I will take my Map and try to add a wall similarly to what you are trying to do.

firmware 1.6.113
device model 200s

I have another thread for this same issue from a couple days ago and someone suggested closing a door so it can’t make a full lap. That let me divide using center walls.

I have this same issue. And no doors to close, so the suggestion from a poster above won’t work. I’d like to add a wall where I’ve drawn a red line and it won’t let me. It makes me separate it on the line below that - But it will do it on the other side of the kitchen - that’s a narrower opening though so more obvious it is a division maybe? Right now I’m using the spot cleaning feature to send it to clean just the tiled kitchen, but I’d really like to be able to separate it. I would like to clean the kitchen on a different suction level and more often than the rest of the downstairs.

Same here no doors to close. Does not seem like a “big ask” to me. I think almost every house has at least one doorway without a door

Just because you don’t have a door in a doorway doesn’t mean you can’t block it like you do.

I had an issue with my kitchen and living room so I ended putting a dry erase board in one entryway so it would map them separately and then I put a little red block for a no go zone in between and no issue ever since

Our dining room is open on two sides, with a small curved wall in the corner (see map). It doesn’t recognize the curved wall as an actual wall. I’ve tried everything to map this room correctly. The best I’ve been able to do is join it with the far wall in our entry - certainly not the best solution. Since most rooms are square (rectangle), why not let us define a room area with the same tool used for spot cleaning? That would make it much easier to select a section of the floorplan and make it a room.

Speaking of spot cleaning, it would also be great if we could select certain rooms to be cleaned by clicking on them to select/deselect them for cleaning. I have to select several areas separately to “spot clean” the high traffic areas. I’d love to be able to select bedroom, living room, kitchen (for example) and send it off cleaning.

I’m really impressed with the vacuum so far, but there are definitely a few issue that are frustrating.