Vacuum Map issues ever going to be addressed?

With the holiday gift season coming up I would like to ask the following question as it’s currently a roadblock for me to both recommend the robot vacuum or gift one.

Is there a plan to address the inability to actually divide houses into rooms that some users like myself experience? It seems as if the robot believes the center core of my house (which isn’t small by any means) is like a piece of furniture instead. This leaves me with only the outer wall as a solid dark blue line to draw rooms with.

Please don’t reply if yours is working… those of us who are affected by this know who we are. No amount of remapping etc will overcome this condition.


I have a central wall area as well. Through trial and error, I discovered that if I close off one room (for me, just shutting a door, but hopefully you can find a spot to put a piece of plywood or cardboard box if no door is available), then mapping works as desired. In particular, because the robot does not see a complete path around the center, it marks the middle as exterior rather than interior, thus enabling room splits.

This obviously isn’t a great solution, but it’s at least a work-around in my case.

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Wow… Can confirm that closing a single door did in fact allow me size rooms properly.

Thanks for the tip. I will try that once I get a chance. If a room is blocked temporarily, how does the vacuum know to go back to that room and clean? Or this tip is only for mapping? Thanks

Don’t block off the room from both sides - just one barrier so that the robot can’t make a full lap around the center. See how in’s image above, there is a door shut between the foyer and kitchen. With the door open, the robot would be able to complete a lap around the middle, which is what you want to avoid. With the door shut, the robot can get to every room, but when the mapping is done, it will (correctly) mark the inside wall area as non-navigable space. If you later leave the door open, the robot is smart enough that it will actually go through the open door. However, you’ll get an alert at the end asking you if you’d like to update your map with the new changes, and you must NOT update with the door open.

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Ok, this may be my issue as well. It isn’t a HUGE issue for me, as I can mostly make the rooms right but it won’t let me divide the kitchen where the tile ends. It means if I tell it to vacuum the kitchen it vacuums a larger area than needed, so I’d like to fix it if possible. It DOES let me put a wall at the narrower opening, but not at the larger one. If I put some boxes/cardboard at the narrower opening (easier since it is smaller) would it let me then separate that room off? Or would I need to block the wider opening? And how tall does the barrier need to be, I wonder? I want the room to end where the yellow line is.

Thanks for your help. I’ll try that this weekend.

I don’t think it matters which side you block off, but if one doesn’t work, you might try the other.

As far as the blocker goes, it needs to be high enough to completely block the LIDAR sensor, and strong/stable enough not to be bumped over.

I’m jumping in here to ask when WYZE will allow better, more accurate room division.
The dividing lines “jump” to wherever THEY think the division should be. Why can’t the user simply put dividing lines where they wish? What does anything have to do with exterior walls? Why can’t I put a simple line in the doorway between my dining room and kitchen? Why is my hallway divided by an angled line. This seems to be something that could easily addressed.