Robot is disconnected from the internet

Vacuum was sitting in charging station - now flashing white and app says “THE ROBOT IS DISCONNECTED FROM THE INTERNET”

  • iOS app here and will only setup with iPad not iPhone
  • 5G wireless turned off
  • restarted app
  • removed vac from charge station and restarted

** - hold 2 buttons for 30 seconds for factory reset**

  • hard restart of iPhone and iPad
  • deleted vac
  • set up again
  • update: iPad app says 1.6.3 but the iPhone WYZE app ACCOUNT FIRMWARE UPDATE page says 1.6.97

Same issue. Robot is disconnected from the internet. Using android app.

Vacuum 1.6.97
Android app 2.16.55

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Same thing just happened to me as well. I am on the latest firmware. Using Android app. Firmware version 1.6.97.

Mine ran earlier in the day and returned to charger. Just looked and it has a flashing light and the app says “the robot is disconnected from the internet.” I did the firmware update that came out yesterday. Not sure what is going on.

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Same situation here also. The firmware was updated when it came out and now it’s disconnected. Seems to have dropped about 2.5 hours ago. Robot v1.6.97 ios app v2.16.46

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Same here as well. Newest firmware for the robot vacuum (v1.6.97) and newest iOS Wyze app (v2.16.46). Ran this morning successfully, now its showing disconnected from the internet and can’t do its scheduled cleaning.

I am also having the exact same problem. I am using iPhone app (2.16.46) and I noticed that Android has a newer version number (2.16.55) mentioned in a previous message. I do not see that version on the Apple App Store.

Yeah, I noticed the Android version number was different as well, but it seems Android users are having the same issues… ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Hopefully they can figure this out quickly :slight_smile:

Yes, android user here. Running latest stable Android app. My vacuum just keeps flashing white on both buttons. Latest firmware 1.6.97


Glad to see other reports. Same problem here. I had just turned on beta mode and reported a couple missing map issues, so I thought it was related. I wonder if there is a server issue and the vacuum can’t connect to the server at the moment.

This is being looked into

Service Status


Ok , cool
Thanks Jason

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Same issue using iphone

Yup same issue here too. Mine was working until about 1-2 hours ago, it even kicked off a cleaning from the schedule and I was watching it on the map. It wasn’t until it was done that I noticed the app couldn’t reach it

However I see it’s connected to my wifi and is downloading & uploading data

Solid lights and back online here.

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Vacuum is back to work now :+1:

Mine came back… see-able on the app and solid lights again.

Good to know. Wish I would have know before I reset the device trying to make it work. Is there anyway to reconnect my existing device in the app? Or am I going to have to start over?

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I believe if you set it up again with the same name it will restore the settings, I could be wrong though as I do not have a vacuum.