IMPORTANT FIRMWARE UPDATE: Wyze Robot Vacuum 1.6.97 and Wyze Plug Released - 1/18/21

Vacuum was working fine all day aside form room editing. Now all of a sudden it’s disconnected flashing white lights. I tried to reset and add the device about 5 times now and it keeps failing. It looks like many users are experiencing this.

Wyze I think your updates broke the vacuum can you please advise?


My vacuum is disconnected from the internet. A reboot did not fix this issue. Multiple people on reddit are having this problem as well:


My vacuum is blinking white lights as well. It shows disconnected on the wyze app. It is connected to my router and is pingable with some dropped packets.

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Same - updated to 1.6.97 yesterday and it worked fine, worked this morning and now it’s just flashing white and can’t get it to connect (it charges right new to my router). My camera clear out in the yard is connected just fine.

I’m having the same problem.

It seems this is becoming a widespread issue.

Same issue as well

Same problem here

This is being looked into

Service Status


I updated firmware a few days ago and edited the map. Our vac has run flawlessly. I read it clean one room today When I got home I had it come out from underneath the cabinet where it charges, (no problems with internet connection at all having it there), so that I could empty the dustbin. I had it return to the charger and it disconnected from the internet. First time in a month that has happened. I cannot get it to reconnect. I don’t want to set it up as a new device because I don’t want to lose the maps. Any suggestions?

Yes. I am. Just flashes white and shows offline in the app. App is up to date.


Mine just connected. Solid white light now.


Mine just came back online too. :+1:

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Mine is online now

doooh - I updated the vac firmware 8 hours ago, then reset the vac wifi, and I deleted my vac from the app. Also updated the phone app. Did I just bone myself?

23 MINUTES LATER - after I deleted the original vac from phone app, then I was able to add a new vac, and I was able to make the network connection that would not go finish before. Ahhh…

I do get the feeling Wyze staff are watching this thread.

Hmm, originally I updated to .97 and everything looked great. Had it vacuum a couple of rooms. This morning woke up, opened the app, and it says the vacuum doesn’t have a map. Anyone else not seeing their map today? Wondering if I should have it remap, or wait a day to see if it comes back.

Did some more poking around, and found when I enter the map editor it showed me the map. Made a change in the map editor, saved it, then had to exit the vacuum in the app, and then upon going in again it showed the map. Not sure what happened

Wyze Android app version 2.16.55 Robot Vacuum firmware at 1.6.97 but vacuum went offline yesterday and still cannot connect to the internet. Despite the service update that the issue was fixed with AWS I still cannot connect my vacuum to the internet.

still bricked for me with flashing lights. come one wyze, i got an answer yesterday from support that u r aware of issues, but its time to give some sort of update.