Robot is disconnected from the internet

Well it definitely does NOT keep the settings if you change the name. Had to re-vacuum The whole house to get it mapped again. Will not try that again and will check here first if it says it is disconnected. :frowning: A map only feature might be a good add.

I believe there is a quick map feature (map only) which utilizes less power and just quickly scans every room. I believe it is currently in beta but should be coming.

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So I just got my device Friday and did all the updates. It will connect but won’t stay connected for very long. Was there a fix for this?

I had the same issue. Pulled the vac away from the charging station, held the power button for about 5 seconds to turn it off. Re-seated it against the charging station and it turned back on, and about 20 seconds later the app showed my old map again

Add yet another instance of vacuum gone MIA.

Rather than just do a reset, Should we each file a ticket with support instead ? Or is there already enough information and instances that they are working to permanently fix ?