Resetting 2 cameras every couple of days

Every couple of days my two of three cameras keep going off line?? the third one stays connected, but when I do a power cycle they still don’t connect! Please make this easier for me so I don’t get frustrated at the problem.


How did you get the cameras to reconnect? Factory reset?
I’d try a factory reset on all of you cameras and see if that helps.

When we first bought our Wyze cam V2, I was very pleased with it and thought that the camera had a lot of potential. I tuned into the company blog where a young bright looking engineer type described the cameras and showed in great detail how many things they could do. However, after testing a few cameras, find they have many problems.

I have eight hooked up, and four on the shelf. From time to time, one will fail with no reason. For instance, the micro SD card stopped working and in calling tech service, I received a new unit. Great service, I thought. In another instance, I was unable to connect to the network, and a conversation with the tech people resulted in a new unit.

Now I have two cameras that have failed. One will not connect, another has to be rebooted and reconnected in order for it to work for a couple of days, at which point it stops working again. This time I called tech service again, and they had me factory reboot the one camera and reconnect it to our network. It worked for a couple of days at which point it quit again. Again I called tech service who had me reprogram the unit as if it were a new unit. It worked and the tech said that that’s all he could do, because it was working again. The second camera which also quit working will not upload to the app and I got an error code.

Two technicians worked on that one camera over the phone. The first got it going and that was all he could do in his job description. When it quit again, the second tech got it going and that was all he could do in his job description. The fact is it failed after another couple of days and I cannot keep dealing with this sort of nonsense. So, unless there is some better input from the community about what to do about these things, I will put them on craigslist and start writing bad reviews. This will include the facts that when a video is triggered, the system waits between 30 seconds and 20 minutes to notify me, why there are so many failures on these units, and why the technical staff is told to get it working and then, whatever other problems there might be, to ignore them and state that they can’t do more.

Hearing nothing from the company or the users, I will probably put them all on eBay or Craigslist and go to a more professional setup.

Can you tell us what model router you have, and the distance between it and your cams? May be something Wyze can learn here.

I have two cameras in the barn, one within 5 feet and the other about 20 feet away. They talk to a Netgear router set up as an access point only. The router is connected to a Ubiquity wireless relay to the main house which has the main Netgear router. These cameras always work, with the exception of one, which suddenly decided the micro sd card no longer was inserted. The camera was replaced by Wyze and the new one has worked well since.
The office is also in a remote building and is connected to a Netgear router set us an access point about 10 feet away, and again, a Ubiquity link talks with the main house router. This camera has had no problems.
The house has the main router and the two cameras stopped working. They are both about 30 feet away from the router, which is connected to these two as well as the remote office and barn. Factory resetting these worked for a while but then one quit again, while the other keeps saying Connection Failed. Device is off line.
Interesting - if I look at any of the cameras at any given time, I will get several messages at the different times. One says that the camera has been turned off, but tapping it makes it come up as normal. Another is that the connection failed. Error messages include error 30, 27, and others I can’t remember. Is there a source to tell one what these numbers mean?

There is a list of error codes, but I’ve never found it particularly useful. Most mean the app can’t communicate with the camera, which you already know.

On the cameras that fail, what is their signal strength on the Settings > Device Info screen? If it is one bar, it barely has a connection. In an instance like that you can get a reload circle over your camera image with an error number, but calling up the camera later can happen no problem. That’s because the connection is flaky, and may happen or not.

If that is the case, maybe there is a way to increase your network’s signal strength where the cameras are (network extender or mesh network).

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All the cameras have 3 bars or better

I had the same problem, now I connected those cams to smart plugs, so I can turn off and turn on the cam remotely.

OK, time to get rid of my 3 WYZE V2 cameras. I have been resetting two cameras every few days. I am paying for recording services and what is there to record. For the price I payed I might as well just throw them out and buy something dependable. It’s not the router or distance from the router. If they don’t work properly then I don’t need them.

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I have had the same type problem and no help from Wyze. I tossed all 10 and have a different system altogether

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Their support team is useless. These cameras are highly vulnerable to hacking too.

Please report any security vulnerabilities here!

I just searched the forums because I am having this exact same issue with 2/3 of my cameras. Ironically it is the one camera farthest from the router that is not experiencing the need to constantly reboot.

Right on! I have 3 nonworking cameras.

Are you run a Netgear router ?

The router is a TP-Link mesh system, the old netgear router is being used as a switch.

You want to check the Netgear forum …they had/having issues with there FW. If you haven’t already ? Lot of offline issue with all devices…requiring a multi daily router reboot. Turning off Traffic Meter helped some.

Thanks - the WYZE cams are the only thing that we have ever had a problem with. Using the netgear only as a switch for hardwired devices

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Yes sadly true …for me too.

For years if I get a hiccup I always blame my Wyze devices first…and it proves to me to be the case time and time again.