Reset button on base unit not working

Hello all. I’m trying to set up the video capture. First off do we need to subscribe? 2nd is how do I get the reset button to work? I use a thumbtack.

I think I’ve seen one person on here in the last 1.5 years say that the reset button worked. Why do you want to reset the base, did you just update firmware to ?

Hey thank you for the quick response. I was trying to build the camera system so that I could save and review footage later. Instructions on the app asked me to reset. You are saying this is not needed?

What camera are you trying to set up?

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More info about what your using and which devices you are using will help greatly. Thanks in advance!

That will be a little to pointy, I’d use a pencil eraser or something of similar shape if my finger tip wouldn’t work for any of the reset buttons. The thumbtack would damage the button.

Since the OP said base unit I assume it is the base for the WCO which has a small hole for the reset on the left upper corner by the USB port. Most people have use a paper clip to try a reset. I have never heard of the app saying to reset the base though??

Let me take a step back. What is the best way to capture the video? I am reading that the local SIM card only stores seconds of coverage. This means that we have to sign-up for subscription if we ever want to go back to prior video capture. Is this true?

Depends on the camera. Some cameras have a local storage (SD card recording) function that records continuously, but the battery powered WCO only records scheduled recordings and time lapses to the card. Not quite the same as the continuous recording mentioned first.

Any cloud service does not effect local storage recordings. They are different functions. If you only want to utilize the local storage of whatever camera you are using and don’t want to bother with cloud clips or cloud recordings then no need to subscribe to anything.

Please answer which camera are you using, Is it the battery powered camera that comes with a base (WYZE Cam Outdoor) or is it a camera you need to plug in for power (V2 or V3) or pan camera… If you answer you can get the help and information you want.

Ahh yes. I had the sync button/camera setup buttons on my mind. Thanks for the correction. I am lucky because I haven’t had much issue with my base stations and haven’t had to deal much troubleshooting with them, only had up the river issues with my network.

I am assuming also, but untill confirmed I try and give blanket statements as to not deter assistance down the wrong path. Which I kinda did above :zipper_mouth_face:

Sorry Antonius. It’s the battery powered outdoor cameras. I have 3 of them. I had to fully charge them first.

Wyze Cam Outdoor three of them. Did you get the base set up and connected to your 2.4GHZ network.
Directions For base and cam setup here:

You can sign up for cam Plus lite and name your price to $0.00. If you want to get video events that are recorded to the cloud server and saved for 14 days you need Either the full paid version of cam plus or a version of Cam Plus Lite. Cam Plus lite will only save 12 second videos, Cam Plus will save longer extended videos.

The battery powered cams do not save videos to the SD card in the camera unless you are doing scheduled event recording like I am doing with my 4 WCO.

Thanks Antonius. It seems that if I want to go back to recording (and possibly always have all recordings saved), I need to roll with the cloud or paying option. I don’t think the scheduled/12 second clips would do it for me. This is VERY helpful information.

Is there a reason you went with the WCO over say a V3? What’s your use case? The v3 supports continuous recording on it’s local storage (SD card) and you don’t need any cloud service involvement unless you want in app event notifications.

That is a very valid question Omgitstony. I think I ended up purchasing the wrong model given my use cases. :slight_smile:

Hi all. I wanted to get back to the reset button on my base unit. I do use thumbtack and hit the reset button. but it is not working. Any ideas why? I am willing to subscribe as I do want to go back to recorded footage. I am trying to set-up the actual monitoring system. Should I call support?

What color is the LED light on top of the base? yellow, red, blue, or flashing any of those colors?

Hello Antonius. It’s BLUE. OK, I think I know what’s up. I have the system that includes the Base station (with antennas) and the 3 outdoor cameras. It seems that I had to purchase the Cam Lite service (it’s not too expensive annually). I then need to ensure that the base and all 3 cameras have the latest firmware updates. Right now, I’m updating the Base station firmware and it’s taking a LONG time.

There is currently an issue with updating the firmware if You are using iOS app. You may want to read this and wait until they get a fix. What version of firmware do you have? I have 4.`6.2.45 and it works just fine.
The issue is here:

Oh good to know. You have the IOS app I assume then?