WYZE base station Warranty Replacement

WZYE said they shipped me another base station today due to my inability to no longer download event videos from the events page. My plan is to delete the current base and add the new to the same network. Do you think I should also have to delete all 4 cameras and add them one at a time or just try to pair them with the new base ?
Open to any options since I will have to take the cams down and put next to the base anyway to pair them.

I don’t think you’ll be able to just unplug the old base, plug in the new one and have everything work. You’ll most likely have to delete the cameras and pair them with the new base. You could try pairing them far from the base, but you may need to move closer to the base anyway.

I was planning on taking them down and just try pairing them first to the new base. If that does not work I will try the delete/add, just hoping it doesn’t delete my 4 cam plus licenses.

I think you’ll have to delete then add the cameras again. Do you have any other cameras? If you’re worried about the Cam Plus being removed you could transfer it there temporarily and move the WCOs to the new base one at a time.

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I have 4 other cams but they all have CP. I have deleted/added the current base and all 4 WCO before in effort to resolve my issue and I didn’t have a problem getting Plus back on the cams, but that was with the base they were set up one originally. I think you may be correct about doing the delete/add method. Just another WYZE adventure :astonished:

My understanding is you need to delete the cameras and then re-add them to the new base. My question for you is how did you get them to respond? I have been trying for two weeks with a dead base (yellow light is solid no matter what). They keep telling me to try the same things over and over, but won’t tell me how to get a warranty replacement.

Have you tried calling?
(206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

First I submitted a ticket that resulted in numerous emails back and forth without results over a period of 2 weeks. I then called support at 1-844-999-3226 and was lucky as my call was answered on the second ring. I called at 9:05 AM Pacific time.

Thanks all for the phone numbers. I was going to call Saturday morning but was swamped, so was going to call Monday. However last night I received an email from a Wyze Support Wizard and replacement is on its way. I will pass this number on to a friend having issues as well.

I got an email on 24 March and it said mine was shipped and gave the USPS tracking number. I checked that number and it states a tracking label was created 18 March in Seattle and does not show any further movement. I will check again later in the week to see if there is any shipping progress. My base still works as I stated before, the only issue is not being able to download the event videos which may or may not be base related. I might just say screw it and try to reset the base with the paper clip and see if that fixes anything. I am just trying to avoid the ladder twice. :smiley:

I’ve bought several things from Wyze directly, and I don’t know how they handle the shipping but I always get tracking with no movement, and then it shows up. It will be there eventually.