Base station ....Not working

I cannot view any of my 3 outdoor camera. I tried to reconnect at least one to the base station but the best I can get is Base station already associated with another account.
After hours of trying I would like to know if this deal can be rest to factory setup.
All attempts seems to be unsuccessful.
Scanning the QR code do not work. Typing the MAC address do not work either.
So if this base station cannot work anymore do I need to buy a new one if possible, buy another kit?
Support seems to be innaccessible or at best useless. So so far I am looking at other manufacturers but I am really upset about the money I spent with this company.

What firmware do you have on your camera and your base station? I know Wyze mentioned pausing some firmware updates with the WCO/Base while they investigated something.

Well I cannot tell you because zi cannot access anything.
I only know it was to thelast current firmware as of last week.

If he’s getting the wording that said this base is asoatited to another account, did you buy it new or did you get it used,? There is know way to get it released unless you know the person that owned it he/she needs to delete the base/hub and the camera/cameras then it can be used

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Did you set this up under another account? If so you need to delete it there before you add it to your current account. If you bought it used, you bought stolen equipment. I don’t think Wyze will fix this, as it is a theft deterrent, and thiefs would ask the same questions?

There best bet to get back on line fast is go to your local home depot and buy a new starter kit, and 3 stand alone cameras,and worse about the bad unit later

Not if the 3 cameras are no issue. Of course hard to tell what is real.

Copy that, I was just on and they have a few items that are referb.,so we bought 6 of the outdoor starter kit,I think it was $41.99 you get 1 camera,1 sd card,1 base/hub,they also have V3 $27.99,and V2

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Oooo. Let us know if these are prior account free! That will be interesting.

No I bought the kit from Wyze directly and it was working fine before.

That’s what I am thinking but I will get something else if I have to.