Reset button on base unit not working

Yes I have the iOS app also 2.29.2(a3) that my iPhone and iPad loaded a few days ago.

Thanks Antonius. BTW, to recap the customer support is outstanding. There is NO need to hit reset when just setting up the BASIC camera LITE service (and it’s much cheaper and has more features). If you want to set-up the whole monitoring system with the motion sensor, etc., then you need to hit that reset button on the base station.

I’ll just stick with my one V3 and 4 WCO for now. When the battery cams finally die off I may get another V3 or two if I can find a good power source. I only have one outdoor outlet as of now and have no plans to drill a bunch holes through my walls. I might be able to get power from the attic to under the eves without much work (Maybe).