Do i have to re pair whole WCO system with new Router?

I have had WCO since preorder, my problem is that my Comcast router modem failed. I replaced it and everything is back on wifi Except the Base and WCO. I went through entire cable reinstall process but it’s still flashing blue. Do i have to climb up and get the camera, push the buttons to reset all over again with this one Camera System?

the WCO pairs to the base station, not the router. Technically, after initial setup you could move the combo to any router & it should work, since you’re just connecting the BS to the router via ethernet

yes, what i thought too. Wasn’t so lucky. Now i can’t even do a reset with the pinhole reset.

Thank you for your response about my WCO and new Modem. I called it router meaning my main home router which IS new. I know what the BS is and I cannot after three days trying everything, with sd card removed, starting over, cords unplugged and it still will not pair.
It shows up on my cellphone everytime, but light keeps flashing blue and app won’t move on to let me enter password. I’ve pinhole reset. Now what?

I apologize, I feel silly, i have been plugging the base into my new Modem all this time when i should have, and finally realized to plug it into the whole home pod router, and it worked. As a side note o also finally remembered to remove to symptom card in case it contained old boot properties. But it’s working now and all rehung. Thanks


I knew you’d figure it out :wink:

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