WCO base update

After this latest update I have had one issue that I’m not sure if it’s related but it’s never happened before. Last night all three of my WCO cams showed offline. This has never happened before. I unplugged the base then plugged it back in and they all three came back. Has anyone else experienced any issues with the latest update?? All of my cams are up to date with the latest software as well. Thanks

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This has not happened again so I’m hoping it was just one off issue. So far so good. I’m assuming no one else has experienced this being I’ve not had any replies. Thanks

I see the same thing. Although the WCO is actually not offline. I closed the app and reopened it to no avail.
If you click on the WCO and open the feed, the feed is actually live. I have no clue why such inferior products are being churned out.
@WyzeDongsheng or someone from the product side needs to take a look at it

Hi all, a temporary solution is to reboot the base station. We’re working with AWS on a firmware fix to permanently resolve this problem. The base station firmware fix will release to beta testing this week.


Really wow I never even tried clicking on n them being they showed offline. If it happens again I’ll give that a try. I do see wyze is aware of the issue and are working on a solution. Pretty sure this was a bug in the latest base update being I’ve never had this happen before.
I think they jump the gun a bit with some of these updates. Wyze is obviously still learning and this does reflect in the price of the cams.

Yeah, agree on that. There have been some questionable decisions that have led to release of unstable products. You get what you pay for I guess, lol

I just found another bug with my WCO
cams. Actually only happened on one of them. My advanced settings were pretty much all turned off, yet my wyze logo still showed on the picture screen and the time showed as well even though both of those features showed as turned off. I always keep them on so no idea how they started showing up as turned off. Also I have had my max video length set to the full 5min on the WCO cam I have with cam plus and today I noticed the video of me and the wife coming home was only 12 seconds long?? So I went in and checked and my max video length was set to12 seconds. I did however charge this cam the other day so had it turned off only for a min to kinda give it a reboot while I had it down so perhaps this caused my settings to reset?? I’m pretty sure it’s not supposed to do that.

Have found another possible bug with WCO. Somehow my max video recording length got switched to 12 seconds when I keep it on 5 min. Could turning the cam off to reset it cause this?? I had it down and charged it the other day and had turned it off for a moment just to reset it while I had it down. Also noticed my advanced settings of the wyze logo, and time stamp both showed as toggled off when I always keep them on yet the displays showed on my screen live view.
I turned the features back to on then exited that screen so I could then go back to see if they was still showing as on and they was not. Turned them on again and exited the whole app. When I went back all looked right again. Lots of very weird bugs going on.

Resetting or charging the WCO won’t reset the CamPlus settings. But switching accounts will. Sounds like it might be a cloud bug. Could you send me an app log and let me know the timestamp when it happened?

Hello, has anyone seen the issue of no video data on the SD cards in the base station? We have had a few very motion active days and the cards in my 2x base stations are still empty. Double checked each camera’s settings that it was backing up to the base station as well as confirmed that the cameras themselves had clips.