Cam plus base station dropping out

It seems like since my last base station firmware update to I have been loosing connection to the cams(4). They still detect motion but I cant turn them on or off thru the app. The app just shows clouds and says cams off line. I have to power cycle the base station to get things back to normal. This also messes up my routines for cam on and off times and I have to manually turn them to the condition they should be in after a reboot. any suggestions?

See this post. Mine said off line yesterday morning but they were not.

Yes I started a thread about this as well.
Your thread title is a bit confusing. Cam plus base?? This definitely doesn’t have anything to do with your cam plus subscription. I have 3 wyze outdoor cams and only 1 of the 3 have the cam plus subscription and all 3 of my cams have done this since the last update.
So I do understand your issue but your topic title is very confusing. This is a WCO base not cam plus base.

Thanks for the reply. I apologize for the confusion with the thread title but I don’t get in here very often and just posting something is a bit of a chore when you have limited choices in the drop down menus to choose from. Glad to here that Wyze is aware of the problem and working on a fix. Since the last time I rebooted the base station I haven’t had a problem. Also my internet here where I live is not always dependable and could be contributing to the problem.

Oh no need to apologize I might have worded that a bit harsh lol but yes mine only did it that 1 time as well since the base update. So at least it’s not happening over and over again.