Release Notes Not Updating

Has anyone else noticed the release notes are not up-to-date?

My Wyze v3 cams updated to version well over a week ago, but the latest update listed on the Release Notes page is version from May 4th.

Now my Wyze Sense Hub has an update available for version… but again the release notes pages only lists version from April 6th… Keeping in mind my current version is, which means it’s already had an update that was not listed.

I called Wyze this morning and inquired with Customer Service about the release notes. The rep was very friendly, but could only say that they would be updated “soon”.

I think Wyze is an amazing company… I have over 50 bulbs, cameras, alarm systems, and other sensors from them. I know they’ve been scrambling to get their products out and keep up with demand. But we really need someone to update the release notes, because many people, myself included, like to check what’s being changed before updating.

Thanks for your time, and for any responses from Wyze. Have a great day.

The Release Notes page only shows released versions. For Beta versions in test, you have to do a forum search for the announcement.

In your V3 instance, is the released version, and is in the release notes. is a Beta test version, and is at:

Hub is the last released version, and is in the release notes. Beta version wasn’t good enough for release, and was updated to Beta It is still in test, so its change log is here:

Something I just noticed is the propensity for the Wyze employees to announce Beta versions with a space in the version number. @WyzeGwendolyn @Mavens. I will contact them about that, but in the meantime it may help to know it seems to be limited to the last number.


how in the world?!?!?!?!?!?

who reads the forums with a jewlers loupe on? lol amazing catch!


I noticed my searches were only picking up posts that referred to the original announcement, then I noticed why, lol.