Release Notes???

I have seen a few firmware updates in the past week or two, but don’t see any release notes for those updates. While I am more interested in the end results, it would be nice to see a breakdown of what is being addressed and what I should be seeing when using the app (connectivity, speed, etc).

Are you on the beta? I believe release notes are only posted for publicly available firmware updates.

I am, problem solved. So just so I am clear, the beta is three versions “ahead” of the public release?

For beta release notes, I would recommend keeping an eye on the Wyze Beta forum or the Wyze Cam Core Users group on Facebook. I’m not sure how many changes have happened to the beta app since the public app was last updated, since I don’t use the beta app.

Maybe there is some confusion. I am talking about firmware upgrades, not app updates. I have seen at least two, if not three firmware updates that are not shown in the release notes. If those are part and parcel of the app beta, then we are all good. The app is less of an issue (just needs some added features). I have to assume that the connectivity is more hardware/firmware related and not attributable to the app itself.

Sorry! That’s probably on me, feeling under the weather today.

The beta program does have small firmware updates as they test fixes and such, but I wouldn’t say it is three versions ahead of public release, just one. They are usually small fixes or features. You should be able to find the list of changes/updates on the Wyze Beta forum or the Wyze Cam Core Users group on Facebook. Apologies I can’t be more help, I’m not on the beta program.

I have been involved as a beta tester with a project in the past where there was a document constantly updated that listed changes to each release and a master list of bugs found and attempts at resolving them. I think this would be something that would be helpful to the beta testers and developers alike.

I’m not on the beta program and today my cameras updated to There are no release notes anywhere that I can find on this forum or the website.