Wyze Sense Hub Firmware Beta Test 6/1/2021

VERSION: 4.32.3. 183


  • Improved Hub offline performance

  • Optimized sensor function reliability

  • Improved hub countdown experience


Updated Sense Hub will test

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@WyzeAndy please see my issues\ noted below:

Android Phone running Beta App 2.21.12
log submitted. Log # is 219684

I loaded the Beta Version of the FW I cannot seem to scroll through all of my sensors connected to the hub, I only get a spinning image which never goes away. Below is the image:


I concur with @spamoni . When trying to see the entire list of sensors, all you get at the bottom when trying to view the list is the spinning circle. (Log 219732)

Has anyone seen what are the updates included in this version yet?

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@WyzeAndy - not related to this Build, but I am getting a recurring notice about activating HMS, My HMS has been activated since 5/22. Is there a reason why I am still getting this?

I too confirm the spinny with no access to the rest of the sensors from that location. I can still access all the sensors from the Home screen, of course, just not under the Hub’s main screen.

I did not notice any difference on the hub countdown experience. I assume this means the countdown for the entry or exit delay somehow, but it seemed to work the same as it always has to me.
My sensors have also been perfectly reliable so far even before this update, but I will keep an eye out for any differences.

This might be related to why you don’t have the HMS badge…somehow you aren’t showing up as having the HMS active even though you do have it active. I wonder what the issue is.

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You may be correct here. I go to my subscriptions and it shows up there as being a activated with auto renewal. I will call them tomorrow to see what is up.

@spamoni It’ll be interesting to see what Wyze says is the reason why you didn’t get the HMS badge as I’ve seen other users with that same issue (but different products)

WIll do – On phone with them now. Will edit this once phone call is done.

*** EDIT ***

So their specialist is looking into this now and they are creating a ticket on it as well. I will post the ticket when I get it.

So Basically, no resolution yet, they said to ignore the regular emails I am getting about activating HMS as it is already active, it is a server issue on their end which they will need to correct once they determine the cause. My assumption is that they badge is caught ip in this process as well.

Same issue here, but I was awarded individual badges for each of the sense v2 items, just no hms. I was also given an outdoor plug backer badge despite not having an outdoor plug.

Up to six emails wanting me to activate despite system working great. (It doesnt have some of the features I was hoping for, but its simple enough my mother can operate it fully, so that is an absolute win)

Yea, I got the individual Sense Hib and assocaited devices as well but no HMS. Here is what my badges look like:

Still waiting for the ticket from Wyze. I hope they send it and are actually looking into it.

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