Reconnect Floodlight WiFi without climbing a ladder?

I had an Electrician install my floodlight camera high up on the side of my house. I recently had to change my WiFi password for an unrelated reason. Is there any way to reconnect the floodlight to wifi without having to climb the ladder again to scan a QR code?

Unfortunately no.

The only way to do a setup\install routine on the cam to get the new network credentials in there is to physically press the setup button on the cam.

Thanks. I was afraid of that. This seems like there should be an alternate way to accomplish this. I’ve seen many other devices that broadcast their own Access Point allowing you to connect to your home WiFi. Maybe this should be an enhancement.

There are some Wyze devices that use a close proximity WiFi AP for setup install, but those have proven to be unreliable and you still have to physically access the device to press the setup button. Other Wyze devices have moved to BLE for install setup. But again, have to press the setup button. The main functionality that many have requested for each device, or even globally for all devices as a trade off, is that Wyze add an interface to be able to modify the network credentials from within the app.