Will connect wyze camera if i change the wifi range extender with same password and ssid?

Hello Wyze Users! I am just wondering if someone do this? I have wyze camv2 mounted outside under eavestrough on my garage and it was connected to wifi range extender, i was thinking to buy a better wireless range extender to replace my crap existing one, if i setup the new one with same SSID and password that i configure in my existing, is that will work that wyze can reconnect it self to the new wifi range extender?i use a neighbour’s ladder before there was no pandemic but now my neighbour told me that i cannot borrow his ladder or any tools for safety reason that’s why i cannot unmount the wyze from eavestrough and reconfigure again. thanks in advance!

Yes it should work fine. Just make sure the new SSID is on the 2.4 GHz band, that the encryption is the same, and that, preferably, any 5 GHz uses a different SSID.

I got a new router and matched the SSID and Password, and I was able to successfully switch from WPA/WP2 to WPA2/WPA3 (Wifi 6 router) without the 50+ Wyze devices skipping a beat.

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In theory it should be good… But you may have to do a software restart of the camera in the Wyze app… Wifi can be finicky… And beyond that, is you have troubles, you may have to manually restart the camera… (Which without a ladder may be a bit challenging.)

That’s what the big circuit breaker in the basement is for. :slight_smile:

For the purposes of power input, yes,… But if you need need to get to the physical setup button which is located on the camera itself, then a power restart will not be enough.

Okay Thank you!

you mean, you did not re setup again without pushing the button on wyze, your wyze cams re-connected it self in your new router?

yeah, but if doesnt work, i will just find someone that i can borrow a ladder. thanks though!

Si ma camera est non accessible, est-ce possible de rebrancher avec mon nouveau routeur